Bim Ignacio Cousin: Lorman Goco Accident Details Death Cause And Age

Lorman Goco

Lorman Goco is a medical doctor practicing surgery at Luna Goco Medical Center. People are curious to know about the “Lorman Goco Accident.” Please read the article below to know more about his life.

At Luna Goco Medical Center in Lalud, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, patients receive top-notch medical care from a team of highly skilled professionals led by Dr. Mario Augusto Lorman Goco.

With a dedication to providing the highest quality care, Dr. Goco and his team offer services to needy patients, including consultations, diagnostics, and treatments.

The center’s convenient location is near Augelito L. Goco, MD, Dr. Rona M. Cirejano, Ma. Gwendulyn L. Mejico, MD@Mejico Skin and Medical Clinic I, and Dr. Jesus Magsuri make it a prime choice for those seeking medical attention in the area.

Moreover, with a commitment to patient satisfaction and health, Luna Goco Medical Center is the premier destination for personalized, compassionate care in Oriental Mindoro.

Lorman Goco Accident Details

The sudden death of Lorman Goco, a renowned physician in Calapan City, has left his family and the community in deep shock.

The news first broke out after his cousin, Calapan Vice Mayor Bim Ignacio, posted a heartbreaking message on his Facebook page, expressing his grief and sorrow over the untimely demise of Dr. Goco.

Details of Dr. Goco’s death are still unclear, and investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause of the tragedy.

The local authorities have not released any official statement regarding the matter, leaving many in the community anxious and waiting for updates.

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Lorman Goco death cause

As the above words suggest, the circumstances of Dr. Lorman Goco’s death remain unclear at this time, and it is unknown whether it was caused by an accident or some other cause.

However, it is confirmed that he has passed away, as announced by Mayor Bim Ignacio on his Facebook page.

The post captioned, “Gone too soon. Your departure is sad news. You are a great son, brother, Father, family member and friend. You are a great loss in the ranks of great Doctors. Rest in Peace sa aking pinsan, Doc Lorman Goco. We will miss you!”

Lorman Goco Accident
 Calapan Vice Mayor Bim Ignacio, posted a heartbreaking message on his Facebook page, expressing his grief and sorrow over the untimely demise of Dr. Goco. (source: Facebook)

Although it is unclear how Dr. Goco passed, it is evident that his passing has left a void in the medical community. He was known for his exceptional bedside manner and compassionate approach toward patient care. He was a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking medical attention, and his loss is felt deeply.

Dr. Goco’s contributions to the field of medicine will be greatly missed. He was a selfless individual who dedicated his life to serving his patients. His legacy will continue to inspire and motivate future generations of medical professionals.

As the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death continues, the people of Calapan City and the medical community will remember Dr. Lorman Goco for his kindness, dedication, and unwavering commitment to patient care.

Lorman Goco age

Despite extensive searches, no internet sources have been found providing the date of birth of Dr. Lorman Goco.

However, according to a post on Facebook made by his cousin, Mayor Bim Ignacio, Dr. Goco was born on June 15, 1973.

It can be deduced that Dr. Goco was 49 years old at the time of his passing on April 3, 2023.

Although we do not know much about Dr. Goco’s early life and upbringing, we can imagine his passion for medicine drove him to pursue a career in the field.

He likely spent many years studying and honing his skills to become the highly respected and compassionate doctor he was known to be.

Lorman Goco
Congrats to dr Lorman at Luna Goco hospital for a successful breast Cancer awareness symposium in 2018. (source: Facebook)

Unfortunately, Dr. Goco’s life was cut short at a young age. However, his impact on his community and the field of medicine will undoubtedly be felt for years.

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