Patricia Kopta Husband, Was She Married Before She Went Missing? Family Age And Wiki

Patricia Kopta husband, Bob, reported the missing of his wife Patricia in 1992 and had her legally declared dead seven years later.

83-year-old Patricia Kopta used to live in Pennsylvania and was known as ‘The Sparrow,’ a street preacher. Residents in her town gave her the nickname.

Patricia was diagnosed with dementia, according to reports.

Patricia was found in need of care in 1999, according to Ross Township police, and was taken to an adult care home.

Patricia refused to share details about her personal life with the staff at the adult care home, but as her dementia progressed, she began to open up.

Patricia Kopta allegedly claimed to be God’s mother and predicted nuclear Armageddon. Kopta spent her time after losing her job warning passersby about the end of the world in parking lots and on the road. She was dubbed “The Sparrow” as a result of this.

Patricia mentioned seeing an angel, according to her sister, Gloria Smith.

Many people who knew Kopta feared for her safety because of her small stature, the nature of her message, and her exposure to crowds; she was frequently in the city alone at night.

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Patricia Kopta Husband, Was She Married Before She Went Missing?

Patricia Kopta was married to Bob Kopta prior to her disappearance in March 2023. Patricia and Bob were 40 years married and had no children. Before her marriage, she went on several vacations to Puerto Rico with her friends, according to various sources.


Patricia before and after. (Source:SK pop)

Her husband stated in an article about her that she was attacked and robbed by a young woman who stole her jewelry sometime in 1991 or 1992.

Later that year, Bob Kopta reported his wife missing. She and her body have never been found, but she has been reported found as of today. Friends and family suspected she had been spotted or traveled to Puerto Rico, but no definitive leads on her whereabouts emerged since her disappearance, but it is totally different as of now.

Ross Township Deputy Police Chief Brian Kohlhepp received information from an Interpol agent and a social worker in Puerto Rico 31 years later. The contacts thought they had discovered Kopta alive in a facility 1,700 miles (2,735 meters) away.

Police in Ross Municipality guaranteed that missing Patricia Kopta would not discuss her own existence with anyone. When she arrived in Puerto Rico, she claimed to have taken a journey transport from Europe. Agents have discovered no evidence of her in Europe.

Patricia Kopta, 83, has been reunited with her family. Despite the fact that she has dementia, they are still trying to visit her after 31 years.

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Patricia Kopta Family

Patricia Kopta’s family includes her husband, Bob Kopta, her brother and sister, and other relatives. She had a close relationship with her family, who were shocked when she went missing in March 2023.

Patricia Kopta husband
Patricia Kopta in her young days. (Source: LAW AND CRIME)

After she was discovered safe, her family was reunited with her. She had been married to Bob for 40 years and had taken several vacations to Puerto Rico with her friends prior to her marriage.

Patricia was a Roman Catholic, and the couple had no children together. Bob went on to say that he had noticed his wife’s enthusiasm for religion growing over time.

Patricia Kopta Age and Wiki

Patricia Kopta was born in 1958 and was 65 years old when she went missing in March 2023.

According to online reports, she had taken several vacations to Puerto Rico with her friends before her marriage and had worked as a street preacher in Pittsburgh prior to her disappearance.

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