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Pamela Anderson

A Canadian-American actress, the infamous super-hot lifeguard “Casey Jean Parker” from the television series Baywatch Pamela Anderson’s net worth is a whopping $20 million.

Pam is mostly known for her work in the series Baywatch which aired from 1992 to 1997 on NBC.

Her role in the series cemented her status as a sex symbol.

The actress is not just famous for her role as a lifeguard but also as “Tool Girl” in ABC sitcom Home Improvement, in which she was a secondary cast member in the first two seasons.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson (Source: POPSUGAR)

In addition to being a veteran actress, Pam is also an author, model, and animal rights activist.

And, let’s not even go into the details of her infamous adult home movie with her first husband, Tommy Lee, drummer of Mötley Crüe.

Moving on in 2006, the actress received a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

Pamela Anderson | Quick Facts

Let’s get to know one of the most famous and successful actresses in the world, Pamela Anderson, a bit better with some quick facts:

Birth Name Pamela Denise Anderson
Known As Pamela Anderson
Nickname Pammy, Pamela Lee
Birth Date July 1, 1967
Age 48 Years Old
Birth Place Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Current Residence  Vancouver Island, Canada
Nationality Canadian, American
Ethnicity Mixed (Finnish/Russian)
Religion Atheist
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Barry Anderson
Mother’s Name Carol (née Grosco) Anderson
Siblings Gerry Anderson
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Husband Tommy Lee (m. 1995-1998), Kid Rock (m. 2001-2006), Rick Salomon (m. 2007-2008) (m. 2014-2015), Dan Hayhurst (2020-2022)
Partners Sylvester Stallone (1989), Slash (1994), Usher Raymond (2006), David Spade (2007), Chris Angel (2007-2008), Vladimir Putin (2012), Adil Rami (2017-2019)
Children Brandon Thomas Lee, Dylan Jagger Lee
Weight 60 kg/132 lbs.
Height 5 ft. 6½ in/169 cm/1.69 m
Body Measurement 39-26-34 in/99-66-86 cm
Dress Size 8 (US)/38 (EU)
Shoe Size 8 (US)/5.5 (UK)/38.5 (EU)
Built Voluptuous
Hair Color Natural Light Brown, Currently Dyed Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Distinctive Features Curvaceous, Buxom Figure, Big Lips, Breathless Voice
Education École Highland Secondary School
Profession Actress, Model, TV Producer, Author, Activist
Manager Iconic House, ICM Partners, Pamela Anderson Foundation
First Film The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991)
First TV Show  Married with Children (1990)
Endorsements Pizza Hut, TV Land, TNN, Iceberg, Patos Sticks, Walkers Crisps
Best Known For Baywatch
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Net Worth $20 Million
Merchandise Signed FHM Magazine, Signed Guitar, Signed Baywatch Poster, Signed VIP Poster
Last Update April 2024

Pamela Anderson | Net Worth, Income & Tax Troubles

Net Worth

Canadian-American actress, producer, model, author, activist, and former showgirl Pamela Anderson’s net worth as of April 2024 is $20 million.

Even though she has been more famous for her life off-screen lately, Pam is one of the veteran actresses, having appeared in several acclaimed TV series and films.

She has made an enormous fortune with her multifaceted career on and off-screen.

Pam’s major cash draws include acting, endorsement deals, modeling, public speaking, rental income, and business pursuits.

Despite all her income sources, Baywatch played a significant role in piling up her wealth.

Why don’t we start with that?


Baywatch Income

Like every other struggling actress, Pam started off small.

During the initial run of the series, Pam was paid a mere $60,000 per episode salary, which worked out to around $1.32 million a season, considering 22 episodes a season.

Still a respectable figure!

However, this was nothing compared to what she would get in the future installments of the show.

Pam received a few salary bumps for the next few seasons up until hitting the jackpot.

The show eventually garnered a lot of viewership with its super interesting niche and amazing cast members.

Pamela Anderson Baywatch
Pamela Anderson Baywatch (Source: LADbible)

During the absolute peak of the series, it became the most widely viewed TV show globally, with an estimated 1.1 billion weekly audience binge-watching it in over 142 countries.

This not only profited the network but also the cast members.

As one of the major cast members, Pam’s salary was bumped to a staggering $300,000 per episode during the peak of the series.

With this, Pam was pulling $6.6 million per season, same as earning $12 million after adjusting for inflation.

All in all, Pamela earned roughly $30 million as Casey Jean Parker in Baywatch over 11 seasons.

Other Income

As mentioned before, Pam has earned money from several other sources besides acting.

In 2010, she was paid $550,000 for her three days stay in Bigg Boss, an Indian version of the TV franchise Big Brother.

Similarly, Pam earned $40,000 each month for many years from renting her home in Malibu until she sold it in 2021.

She earned $480,000 every year from rent.

Did Pamela Anderson earn money from her infamous home video with Tommy Lee?

The answer is no!

Contrary to popular belief Pamela Anderson did not earn a single penny out of her honeymoon sex tape that was leaked in 1995 except for the lawsuit settlement money.

The video first got into the hands of Internet Entertainment Group, an adult entertainment company.

The couple filed a lawsuit against the company for $740,000, which they eventually won and cashed.

However, what’s interesting is Internet Entertainment Group has earned over $100 million from the sex tape.

It was the Long-standing top earning sex tape until Kim K, and Ray J’s tape knocked it out from the top.

Tax Troubles

Actress Pamela Anderson has had a few troublesome financial blunders over the years.

In the year 2009, Pam appeared on the Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers list published by the state of California.

As per the filings, she had $1.7 million liens filed for unpaid taxes.

Similarly, in 2012 it was revealed that she owed $260,000 to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and $112,000 to the state of California from the year 2011.

Net Worth of Pamela Anderson in Different Currencies

Actress and activist Pamela Anderson’s net worth as of April 2024 is $20 million, and here’s how it looks in some of the famed currencies around the globe, including Crypto Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 19.13 Million
Pound Sterling £ 16.39 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 28.75 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 25.68 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,560,937,000
Bitcoin ฿ 830.17

Pamela Anderson | Houses & Cars


Actress Pamela Anderson has lived in some of the most opulent houses in the United States.

In 2000, Pam splashed $1.8 million on a mansion in Malibu, California.

She demolished the previous house and proceeded to spend a whopping $8 million on a new structure.

The new mansion was listed in the market for $7.75 million. However, with no interested buyer at the price point, Pam agreed to rent the place for as much as $50,000 a month.

The place was still on rent until March 2021, when she decided to list it again in the market for $14.9 million.

She was finally able to offload the house for $11.8 million in August of that year.

Aside from this one, she also owned another house in Malibu, which she sold because it was broken in by a female fan.

Moreover, Pam also owns six-acre waterfront property on Vancouver Island in Canada.

As a matter of fact, she purchased it from her grandma and has owned it for several years now.

Anderson has performed some major upgrades on the property in recent years, spending over $1 million.


Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson has a thing for expensive automobiles.

She has a fleet of luxurious and comfortable wheels in her garage.

Her collection includes a red Maserati Ghibli, a black Range Rover Sport, a white Range Rover Vogue, and a white Jaguar XJ.

Pamela Anderson Getting Her Stuff Out of Her Black Range Rover Sports
Pamela Anderson Getting Her Stuff Out of Her Black Range Rover Sports (Source: HawtCelebs)

Similarly, Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Dodge Viper, and a Porsche Panamera are some of the other cars in her garage.

When it’s all said and done, we can fairly say that her car collection is easily worth a million dollars.

As of April 2024, Pamela Anderson’s net worth is $20 million.

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Pamela Anderson | Lifestyle

Despite her enormously successful career in the entertainment industry, she is not active lately.

As a matter of fact, in 2020, she returned to her homeland of Canada.

She has had quite a heartbreaking upbringing.

As a child, she was abused sexually by a female babysitter, raped at the age of 12 by a 25-year-old man, and gang-raped by her then-boyfriend and six of his friend at the age of 14.

Moreover, Pam has been married five times.

With Lee
Pam And Lee (Source: People)

She married the drummer of Motley Crue, Tommy Lee, after knowing him for four days in 1995.

After that, she was married to singer Kid Rock in July 2006 and split in November the same year.

Furthermore, Pam had breast implant surgery in 1990, increasing her bust size to 34D at first and again to 34DD years later.

However, in 1999 she had them removed completely.

Pamela Anderson’s net worth as of April 2024 is $20 million.

Pamela Anderson | Charity

Actress and model Pamela Anderson has been quite vocal about animal rights.

In fact, in 2020, she transformed one of the barns of her property in Canada into an animal sanctuary.

Similarly, in the 1990s, Pam stripped down for a PETA advertisement.

She also served on the board of PETA.

Moreover, Pam has long been a practicing vegan, which makes sense given her love for animals.

She also served as the chair of the board of directors of The International Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

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Pamela Anderson | Endorsements & Books


With a face and body figure than can captivate a mass of viewers worldwide still at this age, one can only imagine the level of stardom she had during her prime.

She was everywhere during her heydays, including billboards, print ads, TVs, films, radio stations, commercials, you name it.

She has endorsed several elite brands and companies over the course of her career, including AltaVista, Pizza Hut, TNN, TV Land, and Alexis Vogel System makeup kit.

In the 80s, she was the official spokesperson of Labatt’s Blue Beer in Canada.

As of April 2024, Pamela Anderson’s net worth is $20 million.


To date, Pam has penned four autobiographical books and two novels.

Her first written work, Star: A Novel, was published in 2004.

Similarly, she followed it up with Star Struck: A Novel and Patches of Life, both released in 2005.

Pamela Anderson’s Book “Raw” (Source:

In 2015, she teamed up with Emma Dunlavey and Raphael Mazzucco to publish Raw and Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship.

Pamela Anderson | Career

Pamela Andersen graced the cover of Playboy in October 1989.

In 1990, she was chosen as Playmate of the Month and appeared in the centerfold of the magazine.

Pam has quite a relationship with the magazine and has appeared on its covers more than anyone else as of this writing.

In the early 90s, Pam appeared in a few sitcoms as a guest artist. She then appeared as Tool Time Girl on ABC’s Home Improvement.

In 1992, she landed on a role that would make her a household name worldwide and glue her status as a sex symbol, our beloved C.J Parker on Baywatch.

She then appeared in Barb Wire, VIP, and Stacked.

Unknown Facts About Pamela Anderson

  • In 1996, Pam was sued for $5 million for pulling out of the contract. Lucky for her, she won the lawsuit.
  • Before she got her big break in the States, she worked as a fitness instructor in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Anderson named her breasts Pancho and Lefty after the surgeons who performed the surgery in 2004.


Why did Pam and Tommy split?

Pam filed for divorce from Tommy in 1995, days after he was charged with child and spousal abuse.

Are Tommy Lee and Pamela still friends?

Yes, they are still good friends. As a matter of fact, Tommy appeared and performed in the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson.

How was Pamela Anderson discovered?

Pamela was first “discovered” at a British Columbia Lions football game when her image was shown on the stadium screen.

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