Paige DeSorbo Brother Gary, Her Siblings Parents and Ethnicity Revealed

Paige DeSorbo has a brother named Gary DeSorbo. The name of her brother resembles her dad’s name.

Paige is an American TV actress, influencer, host and media personality. She is mostly famous for a reality show called Summer House on the Bravo channel. She was a part of the show in 2019. Also, there are other TV series like Spare me, Beauty Trends and Access Hollywood, where she has been a part.

DeSorbo graduated High School from Saint Rose College with a degree in Journalism. Besides her media career, she is also a Fashion Writer and a model endorsing various brands on her social media platforms.

Paige is mostly famous for the luxurious and expensive clothes she wears daily. Also, she is a social media influencer and influences many young people through her fashion sense and advice.

Paige DeSorbo Brother

There is not much information about Paige’s siblings, but few reports claim that she has a brother named Gary.

Although DeSorbo is open about everything and shows her luxurious lifestyle on social media, he has been secretive about her personal life.

Who Are Paige DeSorbo Parents?

Paige DeSorbo was born on the November 6th 1992, and her birth name is the same as her public figure name. She was born in a Christian family in New York, United States of America.

Her father, Gary DeSorbo and mother, Kimberly DeSorbo, were one of the main reasons she was inspired to be a model, as they have always motivated her since childhood. There is not much information about her parents, and she posted a picture with the family on social media a while back.

Besides her parents, she is in a relationship with Craig Conover, who made an official posting on Instagram for the first time. In the picture, both seemed a loving couple, with a gentle kiss on the forehead adding charm.

Paige DeSorbo and Craig
Paige DeSorbo and Craig. (Source: US Magazine)

Paige told about Craig in an interview with US Magazine that she met him about three years back when he was not dating anyone while she was in a romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Perry Rahbar. Initially, they were good friends, and then they started spending more time during the production of Winter House in 2021.

At the time, she was unaware that he was dating Natalie Hegnauer. However, she claims they are happy with their relationship and believes everything happens for a reason.

Paige DeSorbo Ethnicity

As Paige DeSorbo was born in America, she is an American Nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity like her parents.

She is a Christian, and her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. Paige is a popular fashion icon and a diva. We can see her choice of style and clothing style on every post on her Instagram.

DeSorbo talked about her parents’ concern about her boyfriend Craig and his behavioural changes from the initial stage of the relationship till now. She mentioned it on the 20th episode of Winter House. She also noted that some of his behaviour is disagreeable, but that’s the imperfection she appreciates.

On the 27th of October, Paige said that her parents, Gary and Kimberly DeSorbo, love watching everything on the screen and her father, Gary said that he loves Craig as he is the nicest person. However, Kimberly DeSorbo (her mother) is quite concerned and gives a small backtalk a few times in a while whenever she meets her.

Paige DeSorbo had repeatedly claimed about his drinking habit, but now, after they have been dating, the drinking habit has changed, and she is happy about it.

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