Owen Harding Missing Or Found? Case Details Bio And Family

Owen Harding

Owen Harding missing case has been one of the most intriguing cases for people. Owen Harding is a 16-year-old boy who went missing from his home in Saltdean, East Sussex, on March 26, 2020.

Owen Harding, who went missing in 2020, was approximately 6 feet tall and had short, dark brown hair. He typically dressed in dark-colored hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, and white trainers.

His mother, Stella, stated that Owen was well-respected by those who knew him, including his school teachers, college friends, and fellow football players, and was considered a valuable member of the local community.

His disappearance coincided with the first week of the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owen Harding Missing Or Found? Case Details

Owen Harding went missing from his home in Saltdean, East Sussex, on March 26, 2020. He was last seen on CCTV walking towards the cliffs at Telscombe Tye around 6:13 pm.

Owen Harding disappeared during the initial week of the COVID-19 pandemic national lockdown in 2020.

According to his mother, Owen Harding was unable to see his girlfriend, Meg Wells Rhodes, who lived 280 miles away in York, due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Owen Harding Missing
CCTV images of Owen Harding from the day he went missing. (Source: Daily Mail)

Owen had expressed his frustration to both Meg and his friends, jokingly mentioning that he might walk to her house.

However, Owen’s mother, Stella Harding, did not allow him to do so and the two had an argument before Owen left the house without saying goodbye.

Despite extensive search efforts by the police and volunteers, Owen has not been found or contacted anyone since he vanished.

His phone was traced to Bromley or West Wickham in London, but it is unclear how it got there or if it was still with him. His mother has not ruled out the possibility of a tragic accident or foul play.

Owen’s family and friends have launched a campaign to raise awareness of his case and appeal for any information that could help find him.

They have also appeared on a Channel 4 documentary called The Year Britain Stopped, which featured Owen’s story.

They hope that someone will come forward with a clue that could solve the mystery of Owen’s disappearance.

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Owen Harding Bio Explored

Owen Harding was born on May 13, 2003, to his mother Stella Harding. He had a close relationship with his girlfriend Meg, who lived in Pocklington, Yorkshire.

 Owen was described as a well-liked and respected person by his friends, teachers, and neighbors. He enjoyed playing football, listening to music, and spending time with his girlfriend.

Owen Harding
Owen Harding with his girlfriend Meg. (Source: BBC)

Owen’s life changed dramatically when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK in early 2020.

He was unable to see his girlfriend due to the lockdown restrictions, and he struggled with the isolation and anxiety caused by the situation.

Owen’s disappearance sparked a massive search effort by the police, volunteers, and online supporters. His face was plastered on posters, billboards, and social media platforms.

His mother appeared on several TV shows and documentaries to appeal for information. His girlfriend and friends organized online events and fundraisers to raise awareness and money for the search.

However, despite all these efforts, Owen remained missing.

Owen Harding Family Details

Owen Harding lived with his mother, Stella, and five-year-old sister in Saltdean, a village located on top of the cliffs on the eastern edge of Brighton.

Stella is a swimming and diving teacher who has traveled extensively and describes herself as “typical Brighton”.

Owen Harding
Owen Harding with his mother Stella. (Source: The Argus)

She met Owen’s father on an Indian beach during her travels, and he passed away two years ago after a sudden illness while at home in Geneva.

Owen’s disappearance has left a huge hole in the lives of his loved ones and his community. His mother has said that she still hopes for a miracle and that she will never give up looking for him.

His friends have said that they will always remember him and honor him.

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