Oti Mabuse Weight Gain: Pregnant Expecting A Child Baby Bump Photos

Oti Mabuse Weight Gain

Confirmed pregnancy news brings Oti Mabuse weight gain and baby bump photos to the forefront of attention.


Oti Mabuse is a multi-talented South African personality renowned for her versatile contributions to the entertainment industry.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, she has significantly impacted as a judge, presenter, accomplished dancer, and Latin dance champion.

Oti gained widespread recognition as a professional dancer on the acclaimed British television series “Strictly Come Dancing,” where she achieved the remarkable feat of winning the competition in both 2019 and 2020.

Her dance prowess also extended to the German equivalent, “Let’s Dance.”

In addition to her dance career, Oti took on the role of Dance Captain on “The Greatest Dancer” and expanded her presence as a panelist on “The Masked Dancer” in 2021.

Her expertise in dance and entertainment led her to become a judge on “Dancing on Ice” in 2022.

Oti Mabuse Weight Gain

Oti Mabuse, the celebrated dancer and television personality, has candidly addressed the changes her body has undergone since her time on “Strictly Come Dancing.” She openly acknowledges that her physique has transformed, taking on a new shape distinct from just two or three years ago.

Notably, she mentions that her body’s metabolism has shifted, leading to a slower fat-burning process, necessitating more attention to physical aspects of her life.

Oti Mabuse Weight Gain
Oti Mabuse shared her baby bump photo. (source: Daily Star)

In a revealing interview with Women’s Health, Oti delved into how her life has evolved post-Strictly” and the profound transformations her body has undergone since stepping away from professional dancing.

Oti Mabuse has also bravely discussed the pressures and expectations placed on women in the television industry, where there’s often a prevailing notion of a specific body type.

She has shared her experiences of having her “curvy” body scrutinized and feeling the pressure to conform to specific size standards, shedding light on the challenges many women face in the public eye.

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Oti Mabuse Pregnant Expecting A Child

Oti Mabuse, the former star of “Strictly Come Dancing,” brought joy to her fans and well-wishers on August 26, 2023, with the exciting announcement of her pregnancy.

She and her husband, Marius Iepure, eagerly shared the fantastic news via their social media platforms, a heartwarming moment captured in a photo of the couple holding a tiny pair of baby shoes.

Oti Mabuse Weight Gain
Oti Mabuse with her husband. (source: The Sun)

This revelation marks the anticipation of their first child, a moment that Oti herself describes as “the best news we have ever received.” Her heartfelt enthusiasm shines through, reflecting the deep joy and happiness accompanying the anticipation of parenthood.

In an intimate interview with The Independent, Oti opened up about the journey to this momentous occasion.

She candidly revealed that there was a period when she had stopped actively trying to conceive, and she felt that “nothing was happening.” These concerns about fertility prompted her to take proactive steps to improve her chances of getting pregnant.

Oti Mabuse Baby Bump Photos

Oti Mabuse’s journey into motherhood has been beautifully documented through a series of heartwarming and intimate moments on her Instagram account.

On August 28, 2023, she graced her followers with a delightful surprise, unveiling her baby bump in a captivating outdoor photoshoot.

These images captured the essence of this particular chapter in her life, with Oti radiating joy while wearing an elegant white dress that elegantly accentuated her growing bump.

The photos featured tender moments of her cradling her belly and heartwarming shots alongside her husband and fellow dancer, Marius Iepure, who shared in this joyous occasion.

In addition to the stunning photos, Oti offered a glimpse into the emotional journey of revealing her pregnancy to loved ones.

A touching video showcased when she disclosed the news to her husband, Marius, capturing their heartfelt reactions, tears of joy, and warm embraces.

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