Onlyusemeblade Arrested And Mugshot: Arrest Charges And Trial

Onlyusemeblade Arrested

Onlyusemeblade arrested incident underscores the serious nature of sexual assault allegations and the potential for misuse of digital platforms

Brian Risso, known by his online alias OnlyUseMeBlade, is a former live streamer and YouTuber who gained recognition for his unique playstyle in the popular video game Call of Duty.

Born on December 3, 1982, Risso became known for challenging himself by exclusively using the knife mechanic in the game, deliberately placing himself at a disadvantage against opponents.

Risso’s YouTube channel faced a significant setback when it was terminated on November 11, 2020.

All of his previous videos were removed, and a new channel was established by his ex-girlfriend, Becky.

This new channel focuses primarily on drunk streams, marking a notable shift in Risso’s content and public image.

Unfortunately, Risso’s career took a troubling turn when he began heavily drinking in 2015, ultimately leading him to become a drunk streamer.

This change in his behavior and content has raised concerns among viewers and the online community.

Onlyusemeblade Arrested

The controversies surrounding Onlyusemeblade have escalated, with disturbing allegations emerging about his behavior while intoxicated.

Accusations include insulting others, groping women, and a particularly egregious claim of sexually assaulting a female streamer while she was asleep during a road trip livestream with other content creators.

Onlyusemeblade Arrested
The ongoing investigation on him highlights the gravity of such allegations and their legal ramifications. (source: fandom)

Onlyusemeblade, known for his unconventional approach of exclusively using melee weapons in Call of Duty, has faced a series of offensive incidents leading to his Twitch ban and widespread criticism on YouTube.

His troubling track record spans racist and homophobic tirades, instances of animal abuse, and multiple accounts of sexually harassing women.

The alleged assault during the road trip livestream adds a concerning layer to the growing list of misconduct.

As legal consequences unfold, the incidents emphasize the importance of accountability and responsibility within the gaming and streaming community.

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Onlyusemeblade Mugshot: Arrest Charges

In the alleged assault incident involving Onlyusemeblade, he was observed entering the bedroom where a heavily intoxicated female streamer, Goocheese, had fallen asleep.

Despite obscured visuals, it appeared that sexual activity occurred.

Goocheese, later asserting non-consensual engagement, reported the incident to the police.

Onlyusemeblade vehemently denies the allegations, asserting that Goocheese’s accusations are fabricated to tarnish his reputation and streaming career.

The case raises complex issues of consent, accountability, and conflicting narratives, highlighting the challenges in adjudicating such matters where evidence may be limited.

As legal proceedings unfold, the incident underscores the significance of addressing consent and respecting boundaries, both within online communities and in the broader context of personal interactions.

Onlyusemeblade Trial

The unfolding legal saga involving Onlyusemeblade, accused of sexual assault during a road trip livestream, has seen significant developments.

Police have reportedly questioned both Onlyusemeblade (Risso) and the accuser, Goocheese, in connection with the allegations.

Onlyusemeblade Arrested
Risso’s YouTube channel was terminated on November 11, 2020. (source: Reddit)

The seriousness of the case is underscored by the authorities conducting a rape kit exam on Goocheese and confiscating Risso’s clothing and sheets for potential forensic evidence matching.

The attention garnered by the incident has extended to renowned investigative journalist Chris Hansen, famous for his work on “To Catch a Predator.”

Although Hansen is not a law enforcement official, his involvement adds a layer of scrutiny to the case, contributing to what is often referred to as the “court of public opinion.”

While details regarding a formal trial for Onlyusemeblade are currently unavailable, the case highlights the gravity of sexual assault allegations and the potential misuse of digital platforms for harmful behavior.

It emphasizes the necessity for online platforms to adopt proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their users. 

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