Where Is Colby Brock Now? Illness And Health Update 2023

Colby Brock

Where is Colby Brock now? The popular YouTuber and social media star has recently been in the news for his health struggles. Fans are eagerly waiting for updates on his condition. Let’s take a closer look.

Colby Brock is an American internet personality, YouTuber, and social media influencer. He gained popularity as one half of the duo “Sam and Colby” alongside his friend Sam Golbach.

The pair became known for their adventurous vlogs, exploring abandoned places and documenting their experiences.

Colby and Sam started their YouTube channel in 2014, initially focusing on comedy sketches and challenge videos. However, they gained significant attention when they shifted their content to urban exploration and haunted locations.

Besides YouTube, Colby is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Where Is Colby Brock Now? Illness revealed

According to his last Instagram post, Colby Brock was in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is still creating videos with his best friend Sam Golbach, as well as collaborating with other friends like Jake Webber and Corey Scherer.

Their most recent video was uploaded two weeks ago.

However, Colby Brock shared an emotional post on Instagram, revealing that he had been diagnosed with testicular Cancer in February 2023. The news shocked many of his fans, as Colby is only 26 years old.

Colby Brock Now
Colby Brock was diagnosed with Cancer, which he revealed in his Instagram post. (Source: Instagram)

Colby started experiencing pain in his lower pelvis area and left testicle, which prompted him to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, the initial assessment from his doctor indicated a 95% likelihood of a cancerous mass in his testicle.

The diagnosis was undoubtedly difficult, but Colby assured his fans that he underwent surgery on February 7, 2023. He also started his chemotherapy in April 2023.

Following his Instagram post, Colby received an overwhelming outpouring of love and support from fellow YouTubers and his loyal followers.

Despite his challenging journey, Colby remained determined to maintain a positive mindset.

He assured his followers that he was taking things one day at a time and expressed gratitude for their unwavering support and well-wishes.

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Colby Brock Health update 2023

In a recent appearance on Dr. Mike Varshavski’s podcast, Colby Brock provided another significant update about his health.

The YouTuber revealed that his surgery was successful, and he is now cancer-free. However, despite the successful surgery, Colby shared that he is still undergoing chemotherapy as a course of treatment. 

Colby Brock
Colby Brock is now Cancer free, but he is still undergoing chemotherapy. (Source: Instagram)

While Colby has not opened up about the exact number of chemotherapy sessions he went through, he remains determined and focused on completing his treatment.

Likewise, the Youtuber expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his supporters, who have been with him throughout this challenging journey. The outpouring of love, encouragement, and well-wishes from his fans has played a significant role in keeping his spirits high. 

Colby rose to fame as part of the duo Sam and Colby. He is known for his prank videos, exploration videos, and comedy sketches. 

He has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 9.3 million subscribers on YouTube, where he posts vlogs, pranks, challenges, and paranormal investigations with his friend Sam.

Colby Brock has also ventured into other projects, such as music and merch. He has released songs like Skin, Country Road, Hug, and many more. He also has a clothing line with Sam Golbach known as  XPLR.

Brock is known for his adventurous and fearless personality, as well as his sense of humor and creativity. He is also passionate about mental health awareness. He hopes to inspire others to live their dreams and be themselves.

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