Olly Rix Parents: Steve And Jane Rix, Actors Net Worth And Girlfriend Revealed

Olly Rix Parents

Olly Rix parents are named Steve and Jane Rix. Find more about Olly Rix’s parents and family in this article.  

Olly Rix is a British actor who known for his performance on Call the midwife, Of Kings and Prophets, The Spanish Princess.  In less than a decade, Olly Rix has become one of the finest television performers in England.

As his acting career is still thriving, many people have been curious about his personal life.

Olly Rix Parents: Who are they?

Olly Rix was born and raised in London, England on 14 February to his parents Steve Rix and Jane Rix. His father, Steve Rix, was a real estate developer before becoming the owner to Trinity Insurance Broker Limited in 2008.

Olly’ father majored in Business studies and Economics and graduated in 1973. As for his mother Jane Rix, she majored in performance arts from Middlesex University.

Along with her father, Jane Rix started her career in the insurance company. Later, she gave up her job and started working as a professional photographer.

Jane Rix began to freelance as an illustrator. She also joined Shutterstock as a community leader and photo reviewer. Jane has been working as a photographer and designer for MediaStockRoom.com since October 2014

Olly’s age is between 35-40 years old as his exact birth year is yet to be revealed. Olly Rix has one sister, Nicky Rix Harris, who is now happily married to Dan Harris with two children.

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What is Olly Rix’s Net Worth?

The “Of Kings and Prophets” actor Olly Rix net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Olly Rix who started his acting career in theater at the young age of 13.

At Trinity College Oxford, Olly Rix majored in English literature. While in the college, he participated in the college’s theater program.

After finishing college, Olly was awarded a scholarship to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art ( LAMDA). There, he studied for two years

After graduating from LAMDA, Olly met Gregory Doran, the artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company ( RSC), and was casted in Cardenio, Shakespeare’s “lost play.”

Olly Rix
Olly Rix as Bones in tv series “Our Girl”.    Source: BBC

Countless critics praised his debut performance. Olly also had the chance to collaborate with British playwright Antony Neilson while attending the RSC. His theater works also include I am a camera, The city madam to name a few. 

Following that, he appeared in a number of TV shows, including Of Kings and Prophets, Spanish Princesses, The Musketeers, and others. Additionally, he appeared in the British military television series Our Girl.

Because of his commitment to and love of acting, he is giving his best performance in a variety of roles in different fields. His dedication has made him one of the hottest actors in England at the moment.

Olly makes every effort to keep a positive mentality and apply it to his work.

Olly Rix’s Girlfriend Revealed

Olly has been dating his long-term girlfriend, Natasha Mae Fagri. The couple has been dating from 2016. He posted about his girlfriend in 2017 officially confirming his relationship.

Natasha attended Crawford College North Coast. She is a self-employed film makeup artist. She is also a certified fitness coach and runs a yoga studio in Cape town, South Africa

Olly Rix and his girlfriends Natasha Mae Fagri
Olly and his girlfriend Natasha celebrating New Year. Source: Instagram

The couple started to live together around two years ago, when Natasha moved to London. They have recently celebrated their fourth anniversary together.

As of now, they have not been engaged but they both are in serious and intimate relationship. So, their wedding may not be far away.

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