Benjamin Norris Girlfriend: Who Is Carolyn Gilroy?

Benjamin Norris Girlfriend

Benjamin Norris, also known as Trent of Never Have I Ever, is an actor, writer, and producer. But who is Benjamin Norris Girlfriend? Read this article to know the answer.

Benjamin is an actor and producer based in Los Angeles with a clear comedy direction. 

He has been writing his own content and producing his own videos since a very early age.

After shifting to Los Angeles in 2012, Benjamin focused on perfecting his skills by enrolling in improv classes at the Groundlings school, where he started producing the comedic web series “Live Your Lyfe” on a weekly basis.

Subsequently, Norris has collaborated with prominent entities across various platforms, including BuzzFeed, DirecTV, Netflix, and NBC.

In 2020, he starred as Trent Harrison in Netflix’s hit Never Have I Ever.

Before landing on a major role like Trent in the series, the growing actor has majorly worked with various TV series as a writer. He has even played some cameo roles.

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Benjamin Norris Girlfriend: Who Is Carolyn Gilroy?

Fans are searching for Benjamin Norris Girlfriend and if there is anyone in his life. Well, there is. He is married to Carolyn Gilroy.

Carolyn Gilroy, the newlywed wife of Benjamin Norris, is an American actor and writer.

The couple recently tied the knot on 28 May 2023 in Millwick, Los Angeles. They had a fun and intimate ceremony with their close friends and family.

Benjamin Norris Girlfriend, Carolyn was the long-time sweetheart of the Never Have I Ever star before they married. The couple had announced their relationship publicly via their Instagram. 

Benjamin Norris Girlfriend
Benjamin Norris married Carolyn Gilroy on May 28, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Carolyn is the daughter of editor and producer John Gilroy and niece of renowned screenwriter and director Dan Gilroy. The actress is known for movies like Pacific Rim, Nightcrawler, and Roman J. Israel.

Also, the gorgeous actor is the granddaughter of the Pulitzer Prize winner Frank D. Gilroy.

Furthermore, she is also a dog mom. Her lovely dog is named Foster. She shares a profound bond with Foster and very often posts about it on her social media.

She had even captioned her engagement pictures as “Foster couldn’t care less that we are engaged.”

Benjamin Norris relationship timeline

Until now, the couple has chosen not to disclose their love story or the precise date of their initial encounter.

Although the exact date is not available since when the couple started dating nevertheless, multiple online sources allege that the two individuals have been romantically linked since 2019.

Also, as they have shared relatively young pictures of each other, it can be assumed that they have come a long way.

However, the recently wed duo has been living together in the same apartment since they were dating.

Also, the duo entertains their fans by making couple-related funny videos which generally include pranks and memes.

They are both from the same field and have an impeccable understanding of each other, and seem to be quite in love with one another.

Benjamin Norris Girlfriend
Carolyn Gilroy with her husband Benjamin Norris and her doggie Foster. (Source: Instagram)

Benjamin also posted a picture of Carolyn Gilroy, captioning, “Happy Birthday to my better half. Life is awesome with you.”

The rising actor was quite open about his relationship with his then girlfriend-now wife, Carolyn, and their dating life. They often post photographs of each other on their social handles.

Moreover, she is more than just a media personality. The actor/writer uses her reach on social platforms to advocate for humanity and ask for donations to support minority communities and homeless kids through non-profit organizations.

Carolyn has always raised her voice against violence and discrimination, also penning down her thought on the BLM movement as “Resistance is not futile. Black Lives Matter.” on her Instagram.

Benjamin Norris and Carolyn gilroy Age Gap

Norris is 23 years old as of 2023. Although the exact date of his wife Carolyn Gilroy has not been made public, she celebrates her birthday on September 12.

The exact age gap between Benjamin Norris and Carolyn Gilroy is not publicly disclosed, but it can be assumed that the couple is in their 20s.

Benjamin Norris Girlfriend
Benjamin Norris and Carolyn Gilroy maybe in their 20s. (Source: Instagram)

Both individuals have chosen to keep their personal information private, including their respective birthdates. As a result, the specific age difference between them remains unknown.

While there may be speculation or rumors regarding their ages, respecting their privacy and avoiding making assumptions or spreading unverified information is important.

It is best to focus on their accomplishments, contributions, and publicly shared details rather than their personal details, which they have kept confidential.

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