Obituary: Was Laura Nuttall Death Cause Brain Tumor? Illness And Health Before Death

Laura Nuttall

Laura Nuttall death news has made headlines on the internet recently. The young girl passed away, battling brain cancer.

Laura Nuttall, a remarkable 23-year-old girl, captured the hearts of many as she fearlessly battled against an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Despite receiving a diagnosis in 2018, Laura performed extraordinary feats, completing her university education in Manchester against all odds. Tragically, she lost her battle on May 22, 2023, after a courageous fight that lasted five years.

She became a beacon of hope and an advocate for brain cancer awareness throughout her journey. She paid attention to her care and worked hard to raise money for new therapies that might save lives.

Supported by her devoted family, she embarked on an incredible mission to complete her “bucket list” while raising thousands of dollars for charity.

In March, the 23-year-old from Barrowford, Lancashire, got treatment in Germany.

Although Nuttall’s life was cut short, her legacy symbolizes courage, strength, and perseverance in adversity.

Obituary: Was Laura Nuttall Death Cause Brain Tumor?

Laura’s mother, Nicola Nuttall, took to Twitter to announce the heartbreaking news of her passing on May 22, 2023.

Nicola described Laura as “fierce and tenacious to the end,” expressing her profound sadness at losing her beautiful daughter.

She also expressed her deep gratitude for having had the honor of being her mother.

The family is devastated by the thought of life without Laura, as she is a force of nature. She had been battling brain cancer, and despite undergoing surgery, the tumor had regrown and spread to other parts of her brain.

Laura Nuttall Death
Laura Nuttall death was announced by her mother recently (Source: BBC)

Throughout her diagnosis, Laura and her family actively advocated for increased research into brain cancers.

Laura was an ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity, which incredibly supported her and her family.

In Nicola’s last tweets, before she died, she posted a touching picture of herself holding Laura’s hand and wrote about how strong and determined she was even though her health was worsening.

She also stated that her daughter is experiencing seizures and that the terrible illness has taken away her abilities to eat, speak, and move around.

While her condition prevented her from consuming much more than ice chips, her pain was effectively managed.

Despite a week without food or water, she remained resilient, continuing to hold hands and offering squeezes.

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Laura Nuttall Illness And Health Before Death

In 2018, Laura, a young girl full of ambition, had her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive form of brain cancer, during a routine eye test.

Despite the devastating prognosis of only 12 months to live, she displayed immense courage and embarked on a relentless battle against the disease.

She continued her studies at University College London, pursuing an international relations degree.

Following extensive surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, she fought the odds and returned to university in Manchester. The previous summer, she graduated with a 2:1 in politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE).

Laura Nuttall
Laura Nuttall death: She was diagnosed with glioblastoma after a routine eye test in 2018. (Source: The Sun)

Throughout her challenging journey, she refused to let her illness define her. She crafted a remarkable “bucket list” of actions.

It included presenting the BBC weather forecast, going fishing with renowned comedians Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer, meeting Johnny Marr, and attending a live performance of the beloved show Fleabag.

Her unwavering determination caught the attention of comedian Peter Kay, who temporarily emerged from retirement in 2021 to raise funds for her treatment. He graciously hosted two live Q&A sessions, honoring Laura’s inspiring resilience.

Her strength and unwavering spirit would not have been possible without the support of her loving family. Her father, Mark, mother, Nicola, and sister Gracie have been by her side every step.

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