Obituary: Josiah Fowler Bike Accident Death News And Biography

Josiah Fowler

Josiah Fowler bike accident news is spreading online, and netizens want to know about the incident. To know more about the accident, please read the article.

The cycling community and the loved ones of Josiah Fowler are in deep mourning following a tragic incident on May 11.

Fowler was a dedicated cyclist and sophomore on the well-known triathlon team at Liberty University. He was killed in a crash that left him with serious injuries.

The shocking news of his untimely death has sent shockwaves through the community. People are remembering and honoring a young man who had a lot of potentials and was very passionate about riding.

As Liberty University held its 2023 Commencement service, Fowler’s absence during the “In Memorial” segment was noticeable. However, during his closing remarks, Dr. Jerry Prevo, the Interim President of Liberty University, took a moment to acknowledge his loss.

Dr. Prevo honored the memory of Josiah by confirming that he was a university student and died in a terrible accident. He also said that Josiah was a bright and lively person.

Obituary: Josiah Fowler Bike Accident

A young biker named Josiah was killed in an accident while riding his bike. It was a terrible accident. The incident took place in Campbell County, as reported by the Virginia state police, who are currently investigating the two-vehicle collision.

The crash occurred on Thursday, May 11, at around 3:19 p.m., precisely at a spot on English Tavern Road, just 50 feet south of Depot Road.

According to the police statement, the accident unfolded when a Chrysler attempted to overtake the bicycle. Unexpectedly, the bike turned towards the Chrysler, leaving the driver no chance of avoiding the collision.

Josiah Fowler Bike Accident
Josiah Fowler bike accident: He was a student of Liberty University (Source: liberty)

Sadly, Josiah, a 20-year-old resident of McDonough, Ga., sustained severe injuries. He was immediately transported to Roanoke memorial hospital. Despite receiving medical attention, he tragically surrendered to his injuries the following day, May 12.

However, he was wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of the incident; it couldn’t save him.

The Lynchburg woman driving the Chrysler was lucky she wasn’t hurt in the crash. The police have determined that neither speeding nor drinking played a part in the accident.

Because of this, no charges have been made about the accident.

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Josiah Fowler Death News

The tragic news of Fowler’s untimely demise has spread through numerous media outlets, including Liberty University, where he had been a student.

Those who had the opportunity to interact with him hold a special place in their hearts for his unwavering work ethic and incredible dependability throughout his life.

Sadly, his life was ended in a devastating incident. While riding his bike, Josiah was struck by a vehicle, prompting his immediate transfer via airlift to Roanoke.

Josiah Fowler
Josiah Fowler bike accident: Bicyclist Josiah dies after crash in Campbell County (Source: liberty)

However, he did not survive and ultimately passed away the following day.

This tragic event is a powerful reminder of how dangerous riding can be and how important it is for the biking community to push for safety measures.

Josiah’s loss will be felt strongly at Liberty University and in the cycling community, where his mark will remain a testament to his great character.

Josiah Fowler Biography

Josiah was undergoing training under the expert guidance of Head Coach Heather Gollnick at Liberty University. He left a lasting impression on Coach Gollnick due to his unwavering determination and immense passion for the sport.

Coach Gollnick said, “It was an honor to have Josiah as one of my athletes,” when she thought back on her time coaching him.

Among his teammates, he stood out as one of the most dedicated individuals, constantly pushing himself to the limits. His unparalleled focus, diligence, and relentless pursuit of knowledge in the triathlon realm set him apart.

 Josiah Fowler
GoFundMe has been raised to support Fowler’s family. (Source: GoFundMe)

Connor Readman, a friend and teammate of Josiah’s, set up a GoFundMe effort after the unexpected tragedy. The goal was to raise funds to assist the Fowler family with memorial and funeral expenses.

The local church has been responsible for organizing Josiah’s funeral, and the funds raised will be utilized to plan a commemorative event.

The remaining amount will also be used to establish a non-profit organization in Josiah’s name.

This organization aims to promote safe cycling within the Lynchburg community, thus perpetuating Josiah’s memory and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

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