Alberta Greg Gaudette Obituary And Death Cause: Family Mourns

Greg Gaudette obituary

The sudden passing of Greg Gaudette shocked the community and his loved ones. To learn about Greg Gaudette obituary details, read the article below.

Two fatalities occurred during a hiking incident in Crowsnest Pass.

One of the deceased individuals was identified as Greg Gaudette, a respected Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services team member.

In response to the tragic loss, the City of Lethbridge paid tribute to Greg’s contributions and sacrifice by lowering flags at City Hall and the City’s five Fire stations.

In an official statement, the City expressed its sorrow and highlighted Greg’s significance as a valued team member and a devoted Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services family member.

The City refrained from providing further details because of respect for the bereaved family.

The second person who lost their life in this unfortunate incident was identified as Jonah Swen.

The available news report did not disclose further information about Jonah or the details surrounding the hiking incident.

The incident has likely left a profound impact on both families, friends, and the community at large.

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Alberta Greg Gaudette Obituary

The media has not been made privy to the specific details of Greg Gaudette’s obituary, leaving netizens curious and eager to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his passing.

However, Gaudette’s family is experiencing immense grief and shock due to the significant impact of his death on their lives.

Understandably, they are not able to share further information at this time.

Greg Gaudette obituary
Greg Gaudette’s obituary details are not revealed (Source: CTV News)

As the situation develops and more information becomes available, the article will be updated to provide a comprehensive account of the incident.

It is essential to respect the privacy and emotional state of the family during this challenging period, and any updates will be included with sensitivity and consideration for their feelings.

Greg Gaudette’s death cause 

Last Friday, the Crowsnest RCMP reported receiving information on Wednesday at 10 pm (approx.) indicating that two men hiking along the North York Creek Plane Crash Trial near Coleman had not returned as expected.

Responding promptly, the RCMP and Search and Rescue teams initiated an extensive search operation utilizing aerial and ground efforts.

Tragically, on Thursday around 7 pm, the Search and Rescue team made a heart-breaking discovery at the base of the ridge on Mount Coulthard.

Greg Gaudette obituary
Greg Gaudette’s death cause is not revealed (Source: CTV News)

Both hikers, Greg and Jonah Swen, who were in their mid-30s, were found deceased.

The Long Line Helicopter from Fernie was called in to assist in recovering the two men’s bodies from the area’s challenging terrain.

However, the exact reason behind the two individuals’ deaths has not been made public as authorities are still investigating.

Greg Gaudette family mourns

According to Colby Gaudette, Greg Gaudette was the ideal father to Kace and a perfect husband, exceeding all her expectations. 

Greg’s family is currently grieving deeply over the unexpected and sudden loss of their loved one.

The passing of Gaudette has undoubtedly left a significant void in their lives, and they are going through a difficult period of mourning and sorrow.

Greg Gaudette obituary
Greg Gaudette’s family is in a state of mourning (Source: CTV News)

In this challenging time, the family finds solace in their faith and fervently prays for Greg’s journey in the afterlife.

Their prayers are a source of comfort, providing hope and support as they navigate the emotional pain of losing someone dear to them.

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