Meet Zarna Garg Daughter Zoya And Husband Shalabh, Family And Ethnicity

Zarna Garg

Zarna Garg Daughter has been a topic of interest among people. Many fans of her are curious about who her daughter is. To know more about Zarna’s  Daughter, read the article below.

Zarna Garg is a stand-up comedian and screenwriter. She is known for her hilarious and relatable jokes about being an Indian-American woman, a mother of three.

She has won several awards for her comedy, including the Best Comedy Screenplay Award at the 2019 Austin Film Festival for her romantic comedy “Rearranged.”

She has also appeared on various TV shows and podcasts, such as “Lyft Comics,” “Gutsy,” “Tamron Hall Show,” and “This American Life.”

Zarna Garg is one of the most popular and influential comedians in the South Asian community.

Meet Zarna Garg Daughter Zoya And Husband Shalabh –

Zarna Garg is also a proud mother of three children, one of whom is Zoya. Zoya is the eldest daughter of Zarna and Shalabh. She is 21 years old and a student at Stanford University.

Zoya shares her mother’s sense of humor and often collaborates with her on comedy sketches and videos.

Zoya encouraged Zarna to share her stories with the world and helped her create her first comedy show, “My American Dream.” The show was a huge success, and Zarna became an overnight sensation.

Zarna Garg Daughter
Zarna Garg with her children and husband. (Source: CNBCTV18)

Zarna Garg has made several media appearances, including on shows like the Tamron Hall Show, TODAY Show, and This American Life, where she discussed her journey into stand-up comedy and how her daughter Zoya inspired her to pursue this career.

In one episode of This American Life, Zarna joked on stage about the extreme measures she takes to control her daughter Zoya’s life.

However, Zoya clarified that these statements were not really jokes, suggesting that Zarna’s humor may be rooted in her real-life experiences and beliefs about parenting.

However, Zarna and Zoya have a close bond and often collaborate on projects.

Zarna’s husband, Shalabh is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. According to his LinkedIn profile, Shalabh Garg is the founder of Tesseract Macro, where he oversees a Managed Futures strategy.

Prior to establishing Tesseract Macro, Mr. Garg played a pivotal role in developing a Fixed Income Macro business at a prominent Japanese Bank/Asset Manager.

Throughout his career, Mr. Garg has held positions at HC Tech and FORT LP, where he specialized in managing, researching, and automating Futures-based strategies.

Regarding his education, Mr. Garg holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, demonstrating his commitment to furthering his knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, he obtained a BTech degree in Chemical Engineering from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, providing him with a strong foundation in technical skills.

Zarna Garg Family Details

Zarna Garg, originally from India, spent her teenage years in Mumbai. Unfortunately, when she was fourteen years old, her mother passed away due to jaundice.

In a challenging situation, her father insisted that she get married immediately after her mother’s death.
Zarna Garg
Zarna Garg with her brother. (Source: Facebook)
However, instead of accepting an arranged marriage, Garg made the decision to leave her family’s home and seek support from friends and relatives.
Afterward, she moved to Ohio, where she found a place to live with her sister. Garg enrolled in law school in the United States to pursue education and a brighter future.

Zarna Garg Ethnicity revealed

Zarna Garg is an Indian ethnicity. She was born in India and lived in Mumbai as a teenager before moving to the United States. 

Zarna’s family is very proud of their Indian heritage and ethnicity. They celebrate festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan with their relatives and friends.

Zarna often jokes about the cultural differences and challenges she faces as an immigrant in America, but she also appreciates the diversity and opportunities this country offers.

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