Obituary: Demonte Sherrill Facebook Live Video Charlotte Father Death In Fire

Demonte Sherrill

Here is the detailed information about Demonte Sherrill Facebook Live video, as this case has been making headlines on several online news portals and raising questions about the reason behind the death of Demonte Sherrill.

A father with four children, Demonte Sherrill, has passed away in a significant fire in south Charlotte.

Emergency crews are currently searching for a construction worker who has not been located. Authorities are on the scene of a major fire near South Park Mall.

On Thursday, authorities were called to a five-alarm fire that occurred in the South Park Mall vicinity in south Charlotte.

The Charlotte Fire Department swiftly responded to the incident, which started at approximately 10 a.m. at a construction site for a parking garage near Liberty Row Drive.

The fire subsequently extended to a residential complex comprising two buildings, both of which were still under construction.

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Obituary: Demonte Sherrill Facebook Live Video

There are no details about the late Demonte Sherrill’s obituary as of the time of writing and publishing this article.

Once there is an update about this devastating case, we will be the initial informants, so stay updated with us to find out more.

According to information provided by family members to WSOC TV, a massive fire occurred on Thursday morning at an apartment building that was being constructed near the South Park Mall.

This huge fire resulted in the tragic death of a 30-year-old construction worker named Demonte Sherrill.

Sherrill and another construction worker were initially reported as unaccounted for after the fire. Sherrill’s parents revealed that he was the father of four children, ranging in age from 5 to 13.

Demonte Sherrill facebook live video
Construction worker dies in huge building fire in Charlotte, family says; 2nd worker still missing (Source: ABC7 New York)

Sherrills’ mother shared the heartbreaking details that she had watched the final moments of her son’s life unfold on a Facebook Live stream.

She recounted how he pleaded for help and prayed for a safe escape. Given the room’s filling with smoke, she couldn’t hold onto hope at that time.

In describing their son, Demonte Sherrill’s parents expressed that he was a hardworking and virtuous individual who dedicated himself to providing for his children.

Terry Campbell, the father of Demonte, expressed his great pride in his son’s accomplishments, stating that his late son secured a job in which he excelled.

Onita Sherrill described her son as a good-hearted individual, emphasizing his role as a loving father and caring person who cherished his children and family above all else.

Further details about Demonte Sherrill Facebook Live Video are not available now.

Charlotte Father Death in Fire

The Charlotte Fire Department swiftly arrived at the location on Liberty Row Drive near Fairview Road shortly after 9 a.m. As the situation intensified, fire officials escalated it to a fifth alarm before 10 a.m.

Upon receiving news of the fire from Onita Sherrill, Demonte Sherrill’s father, Terry Campbell, hurried to the scene.

Overwhelmed by the sight of thick smoke, Terry Campbell admitted that he couldn’t bear to watch.

Demonte Sherrill
His family said 30-year-old Demonte Sherrill, a father of four children ages 5 to 13, died in the fire (Source: ABC7 New York)

It wasn’t long before Campbell’s worst fears were confirmed. Demonte’s employer informed him that his son had tragically perished in the fire.

When the fire erupted near Barclay Downs Drive and Fairview Road, WCNC Charlotte teams witnessed towering smoke clouds and flames reaching considerable heights.

The intense flames voraciously consumed the wooden structure, leading to the collapse of the beams.

Firefighters devoted nearly an hour to rescuing an individual who was trapped on a construction crane.

Fortunately, according to the information from online sources, that person has been confirmed safe.

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