Numa Turcatti Wikipedia: Family, Death And Obituary

Numa Turcatti Wikipedia

Is Numa Turcatti Wikipedia page available? Let’s delve into his family background and unravel his death facts that captured widespread notice.

Numa Turcatti’s unsung voice is depicted in Netflix’s ‘Society of the Snow,’ as his story guides the audience through the events surrounding the crash of Flight 571.

Also, the series showcases the events following a couple of months in which Turcatti with other remaining survivors try their best to stay alive long enough for the rescue to arrive.

Numa served as the heart of the story, opening up to the audience about his hopes as well as hopelessness during the horrific situation that the passengers went through.

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Numa Turcatti Wikipedia

Numa Turcatti was one of the crash survivors. Reportedly, he was the last to die

Turcatti was a 24-year-old law student. Unfortunately, he boarded Flight 571 from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Survivors remember Numa as one of “the toughest and fittest” of them. Also, now many utter his name with respect and his friends have fond memories of him.

Numa Turcatti Wikipedia update
Numa Turcatti Wikipedia: The survivor’s story showcases an inspiring and challenging journey after the crash. (Source: YouTube)

Despite not being on the rugby team, Numa was tagged along with his friends who were on the flight. Likewise, he wasn’t familiar with most of the players on the team earlier.

However, he got to know all of them very well as they were trapped in the Andes for two months.

When the plane crashed, Numa survived. Also, he was one of the survivors who did not sustain injuries.

Hence, he picked up responsibilities and helped ensure the survival of his fellow passengers.

The law student was also highly motivated to leave the valley by hiking up and discovering several ways out of the mountains.

Moreover, Numa was one of the three survivors alongside Roberto Canessa and Gustavo Zerbino to embark on their first expedition out of the valley.

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Meet Numa Turcatti Family

Numa Turcatti was born to Gastón Turcatti and Isabel Sara Pesquera Cadenas on October 30, 1947. Likewise, his family raised him in Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Reportedly, his father, Gastón Turcatti, and mother, Isabel Sara Pesquera Cadenas, were devasted by his loss.

The topic of his extended family members can be a complex one that shapes understanding in several settings.

The man learned deep roots to serve the community he belonged to. For Turcatti, however, his family taught him life lessons, which became fruitful during the time of the tragedy. 

Sadly, he died on 11 December 1972, at the age of 25. Also, the last survivor was buried in Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina.

Numa Turcatti Death And Obituary

Despite trying his best to get out of the mountains, Numa Turcatti did not succeed and eventually died in 1972.

At the time, the survivors failed to identify their location and had no resources that would support their trip.

Likewise, Turcatti and the two remaining survivors hiked for two days to the top of a 14 thousand-foot-tall mountain. However, they barely made it back after seeing snow-covered peaks all around them.

Turcatti had difficulty continuing the journey because of a badly infected injury on his leg. Moreover, the survivors had no antibiotics or medicines to treat the wound.

Numa Turcatti Wikipedia death
Numa Turcatti Wikipedia: The survivor’s story is depicted in Netflix’s Society of The Snow series. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Hence, this made Turcatti weaker day by day. Also, the story may contain inappropriate sections for some readers. Hence, viewers’s discretion is advised. 

An additional thing that caused Turcatti’s declining health was his inability to eat human flesh. However, the other survivors agreed to eat the dead bodies and also offered their own in return if they died.

Bravely, Turcatti opposed the idea and resisted eating the dead flesh for as long as possible, which deteriorated his condition.

As suggested by one of the survivors, Turcatti’s infection worsened his state.

Moreover, the survivor succumbed to his illness on December 11, almost 60 days after the crash.

He was 25 at the time of his death as he spent his last birthday buried under the snow inside the fuselage. Also, the avalanche had hit them the night before his birthday. Reportedly, Numa weighed around 55 pounds.

Turcatti’s remains were kept in a common grave at the crash site. Currently, there lies a memorial stand in remembrance of the crash victims.

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