Nina Aouilk Wikipedia And Age – How Old Is The Life Coach? Net Worth

Nina Aouilk

There is Nina Aouilk Wikipedia page at the moment. The life coach has recently been in the spotlight as she has been in the TEDx program sharing her early life.

Nina Aouilk is a motivational speaker who uses her social media platforms to spread awareness about child abuse, human trafficking, gender-based violence, and many other issues.

The speaker is an excellent communicator and teacher. She has also participated in the TEDx program, which helps people discuss the most recent local research and discover new ideas to start conversations in their community.

In her TED Talk 2021, the public speaker discusses her activism against gender inequality and honor killings.

Moreover, the well-known life coach teaches her audience how to create and deliver speeches, make an impact, and use their voice to get their message over the noise and disruption of the office and public areas.

Nina Aouilk Wikipedia Explored

Nina is a successful life coach and an author from London. Her family is Indian, and she is fluent in Punjabi.

The public speaker had an arranged marriage at 17, but later she left her marriage and ran away to her parents at 21.

However, being from a brown family, her father thought leaving a marriage was shameful and disgraced the family’s honor.

Nina Aouilk Wikipedia
The TEDx speaker with Owen Roddy. (source: Instagram)

The activist has experience providing life coaching to clients, helping them reach their full potential and be the best version of themselves.

In 1996, the TEDx Speaker was a company director for NIM Communications Limited. She later worked as a cryptocurrency trader and coach for My Nina Financial Services in 2018.

Moreover, the author has been providing her social media followers with a lot of information on public speaking, self-confidence, and improvement.

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Nina Aouilk Age – How Old Is The Life Coach?

According to Trendy Hip Hop, the public speaker was born in 1969 and is currently 55 years old. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom.

The speaker is not in contact with her parents because, as she stated in the TEDx program, she was disowned by her family when she fled her abusive arranged marriage.

Nina Aouilk
The activist Nina Aouilk. (Source: Instagram)

This now-successful motivational speaker’s childhood was horrific, as she was abused not only physically but also mentally and sexually. The author mentioned in a YouTube video that her father was jailed in 2015 for the abduction of his daughter, who was later taken to India an placed in an academic institution. 

Moreover, Nina has been spreading awareness about honor killing and all the abuses so that the young generation should not face what she faced earlier.

How much Does Nina Aouilk Earn – Net Worth

The public speaker’s estimated net worth is around $5 million; she has been working since her late twenties.

The author is also a professional keynote speaker and TEDx speaker. She has been providing an online course on public speaking.

International recognition for the author as London’s Life Coach, providing world champion boxers, elite athletes, and C-suite executives with performance mindsets and business tactics.

Nina Aouilk
The motivational speaker with her client Tony Kelly. (Source: Instagram)

The activist also has her podcast on Spotify. She has also collaborated with YouTubers and podcasters. Nina has been seen on many public speaking platforms as a guest.

In addition, the motivational speaker is the author of the best-selling book Master Your Life. Living the Life of Your Dreams is available on Amazon.

The speaker is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization End Honour Killings Org, which serves as a point of contact for victims and survivors of gender-based abuse and forced arranged marriages.

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