Casey Anthony Illness Personality Disorder: Crime And Sentence

Casey Anthony Illness

The secrecy surrounding Casey Anthony illness and personality disorder has disturbed many, leaving them curious to unveil her life before crime and sentence. 

The world was shocked as mentally unstable woman Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. 

Anthony’s horrifying case has left more questions than answers. So, her trials became one of the most notorious trials globally.

Likewise, Casey told her side of the narration in the docu-series titled Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies. 

Moreover, the docu-series debuted on 29 November 2022 in a three-part series. Besides, Peacock took the streaming rights for the series.

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Casey Anthony Illness And Personality Disorder Update

As suggested by the TMZ report, Florida woman Casey Anthony, acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee, sought professional help for mental health issues.

Reportedly, Casey realized that her behavior when 2-year-old Caylee first went missing in June 2008 was wrong. Hence, she realized that she suffers from mental health issues.

Also, Casey revealed to those close to her. As mentioned by Dr. Charles Sophy, an adult and child psychiatrist:

I genuinely think that counselling and mental health treatment is the place to start for Casey Anthony illness, connecting her heart and head and knowing exactly how she thinks and how she feels.

Also, from all of these past experiences, she sees herself moving forward is key.

Casey Anthony Illness And Personality Disorder
Casey Anthony Illness: The accused woman reportedly suffers from borderline personality disorder. (Source: Oxygen)

Moreover, defense attorney Cheney Mason hinted that Anthony would likely need treatment. Also, a few experts weren’t sure if Casey could be helped.

Judy Kuriansky, aka “Dr. Judy,” revealed that it is sometimes difficult to treat someone with a history of lying.

Moreover, Anthony had two potential issues as she had borderline personality disorder and psychopathology, as suggested by the experts.

As per psychologist and licensed social worker Leslie Beth Wish, the leading cause of these issues is a total lack of empathy. Likewise, Wish hails from Sarasota, Fla.

Wish revealed that for people who suffer from these illnesses, separate lies can quickly become entire narratives that the patient can even come to believe as accurate.

Doctors emphasized and did believe that Anthony had a personality disorder. Also, Casey’s personality disorder could have “narcissistic features with significant attention to pathological lying.”

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Casey Anthony’s Crime And Sentence

Unfortunately, Casey Anthony’s daughter Caylee’s remains were found in an isolated forest area about a mile from her family home.

Casey was previously charged with Caylee’s death before a jury found her not guilty in 2011. Moreover, Casey claimed that George, her abusive Father, was actually to blame for Caylee’s death.

Casey spoke to the media for the first time to discuss her daughter’s death and her trial. As suggested by Casey in the documentary series:

I lost everything the day I lost her.

2008 saw widespread coverage of Casey’s young daughter’s disappearance and death. Also, a large audience viewed Casey’s trial after her mother was charged with killing her infant.

Casey Anthony’s Parents: Are They Linked With Her Daughter’s Death?

Casey Anthony’s parents had to cope with the severe accusations of their granddaughter’s death. 

Casey was born to George Anthony and Cindy Anthony in Florida. Likewise, her parents still live in the same House in Orlando, Florida, where they raised their daughter.

Reportedly, Casey’s mother, Cindy, revealed that Caylee (her granddaughter) went missing on 15 July 2008. Cindy also announced that Casey left the family with her granddaughter for about a month before her disappearance.

Likewise, George and Cindy tried to contact their granddaughter, Caylee, but allegedly, Casey would not allow them to do so.

Even though the concerned authorities never considered the grandparents as suspects, Casey claimed that her dad, George, was with Caylee when she died.

However, George and Cindy were not considered to be covering up for their daughter during her trial. Moreover, the two were not seen as suspects.

Casey Anthony Illness parents
Casey Anthony Illness: The accused’s parents became emotional after their daughter’s accusations. (Source: People)

Besides, Casey’s legal team claimed throughout the trial that her father, George, sexually assaulted her. 

Moreover, her legal team hinted that Caylee had mysteriously drowned, and George disposed of his granddaughter’s remains.

However, these severe accusations never led to charges, and the false accusations and emotions caused George to attempt suicide. After the unsuccessful attempt to take his own life, George reported:

I think I didn’t have much alcohol and take sufficient pills.

Up until the accusation, George and Cindy stood by their daughter, expecting to get to the reason for their granddaughter’s missing case.

Furthermore, Casey’s parents had to cope with their daughter’s severe accusations and the death of their grandchild at the same time.

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