Nicole Aunapu Mann Husband Travis Mann Is A Navy Man, Children And Ethnicity

Nicole Aunapu Mann

Nicole Aunapu Mann is an astronaut and member of the Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes. Let’s learn about Nicole Aunapu Mann Husband, children, and ethnicity. 

Nicole Mann was a handpicked astronaut by NASA in June 2013 and completed her rigorous astronaut candidate training in July 2015.

Mann made history as the first Native American woman to soar into space on October 5, 2022, blasting off on a groundbreaking SpaceX flight bound for the International Space Station.

As the mission commander of NASA’s illustrious SpaceX Crew-5 mission, Mann led her team with unparalleled expertise and determination aboard the advanced SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Her awe-inspiring accomplishments included a seven-hour-long spacewalk alongside Japan’s Koichi Wakata, where they skillfully prepped the International Space Station for more solar panels.

Mann’s unwavering passion for space exploration and leadership have catapulted her into the annals of space travel, setting a new standard for women and Native Americans.

Nicole Aunapu Mann Husband, Travis Mann, Is A Navy Man

Travis R. Mann, a Navy lieutenant commander and accomplished F/A-18 pilot, and his extraordinary wife, Nicole Aunapu Mann, have a remarkable love story. 

Their fateful encounter occurred in 2002 at a flight school, where sparks flew, and their bond was sealed for a lifetime.

Like his trailblazing wife, Travis is also a distinguished colonel in the Marine Corps, exemplifying their shared passion for aviation and space exploration.

Aunapu Mann Husband
Nicole Aunapu Mann with her husband Travis and their son. (source: ncaa)

With unshakable love and pride, Travis stands by Nicole’s side, celebrating her groundbreaking achievement and historic journey to the stars.

Together, they have a precious son, adding another layer of depth to their inspiring story. Travis’ unwavering support for his wife’s pioneering achievements is evident as he radiates deep admiration and affection for Nicole.

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Nicole Aunapu Mann Children

Nicole Aunapu Mann and her husband, Travis Mann, are proud parents to a precious child. They had their first child, a son, in 2013, the same year NASA called Nicole up.

Although their son’s name has not been publicly disclosed, Nicole has shared that motherhood has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of her life. 

In an interview with National Geographic in December 2020, Nicole revealed that she and her son often sit outside, gazing at the moon with dreams of her one day flying by and walking on the lunar surface.

The bond between Nicole and her son is palpable, as they share a deep connection and passion for space exploration.

Nicole’s aspirations for her son to witness her groundbreaking achievements in space and on the moon exemplify her unwavering dedication to her family and career.

As a pioneering astronaut and a devoted mother, Nicole Aunapu Mann’s legacy extends to her historical achievements and her role as a loving and inspiring parent.

Nicole Aunapu Mann Ethnicity

Nicole Victoria Aunapu Mann was born on June 27, 1977, to Howard and Victoria Aunapu in Penngrove, California. She is a member of the Wailaki tribe of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of northern California.

Furthermore, she proudly represents her tribe as the first Indigenous woman to venture into space.

Mann’s academic journey began with her high school completion at Rancho Cotate High School in Rohnert Park, California, in 1995.

Her thirst for knowledge and passion for engineering led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy, where she graduated in 1999.

Not only did she excel in academics, but Mann also showcased her exceptional athletic abilities as a defender for the Navy Midshipmen women’s soccer team, making an impressive 75 appearances and leaving her mark with one goal and four assists.

Her dedication and drive didn’t stop there. After her commissioning in the U.S. Marine Corps, she continued to chase her academic dreams, pursuing a Master of Science in mechanical engineering with a specialization in fluid mechanics at Stanford University. 

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