Who Is Esther? Nicky Campbell Sister, Parents And Ethnicity

Nicky Campbell Sister

Nicky Campbell is a famous news anchor. The BBC reporter has made significant strides in his career. So, supporters want to know about Nicky Campbell sister and parents. 

In a shocking turn of events, known male BBC presenter Nicky Campbell has been sacked amidst allegations of engaging in inappropriate activities with a teenager.

The accusations reveal that the presenter paid the young person for sexually explicit images.

While the BBC has suspended the presenter as this incident has caused significant controversy and raised questions about the corporation’s handling of the situation.

Let’s now learn the details surrounding Nicky Campbell sister and family. 

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Meet Nicky Campbell Sister Esther

Viewers might be wondering who is Nicky Campbell sister since the BBC presenter is sacked and has been in controversy.

People ask, “Did Nicky Campbell meet his sister?” Broadcaster Campbell has a birth sister Esther, who he met as an adult.

According to Mirror, Nicky Campbell and his sister Esther had been given up for adoption as babies. Their biological mother was Irish. 

He grew up in Edinburgh. He and his sister were left with complicated feelings about belonging. The two had independently traced their Irish birth mother.

Nicky Campbell Sister esther
Former BBC presenter Nicky Campbell has been in controversy lately. (Source: Metro UK)

Likewise, Campbell’s meeting with his sister showcased their strong sibling bond.

While Campbell’s media presence grows, limited information about his sister is available.

However, Nicky and Esther share a tight-knitted bond, supporting each other’s endeavours.

Their sibling bond is evident through the pictures, bringing joy to Campbell’s followers and demonstrating the strong connection they share as siblings.

Regarding their families, Nicky and Esther hail from Edinburgh, although they have chosen to keep most details about their family members private. 

While Esther hasn’t openly discussed her family, Nicky has occasionally shared snapshots with his loved ones on his social media handle.

These glimpses reveal that he values his family connections and enjoys spending quality time with them.

Not being a media figure, Nicky Campbell sister understandably prefers to maintain a low-key life with his family members, shielding them from the public spotlight. 

While fans may be curious about Nicky Campbell sister, it is evident that Campbell prioritizes privacy and focuses on his career and personal endeavours.

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Nicky Campbell Parents And Ethnicity

Campbell was a familiar face on the BBC, appearing on shows including Long Lost Family. The broadcaster’s biological heritage is Irish. 

However, Campbell still thinks of himself as a Scottish as he is close to his adoptive family. 

Former BBC News correspondent Nicky Campbell is part of a sweet family. 

It was not until he was in his 20s that Nicky tried to track down his biological mother, Stella Lackey, and biological father, Joseph.

However, Nicky is closest to his adoptive parents, Shiela Campbell and Frank Campbell. 

Nicky Campbell parents
Former BBC News presenter Nicky Campbell with his adoptive mother, Shiela Campbell. (Source: The Times)

He traced his biological parents down in 2002 while researching for his 2004 autobiography, Blue-Eyed Son.

Scottish pair Frank and Sheila Campbell adopted Nicky at just four days old.

Generally, tightly-knit families do not want to spoil their privacy. Respecting his confidentiality, we would like to stay away from the topic. 

It could be possible that Campbell might update his supporters about his parents in the coming days. 

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