Nicholas Dimbleby Illness Motor Neuron Disease And Health Condition 2023

Nicholas Dimbleby Illness

Tragedy strikes as the circumstances surrounding Nicholas Dimbleby illness shed light on the factors contributing to Jonathan Dimbleby’s brother’s diagnosis of motor neuron disease.

Nicholas Dimbleby is a successful sculptor. Likewise, he mostly works with bronze. He hails from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England.

Nicholas is the brother of a famous BBC presenter Jonathan Dimbleby. Similarly, he received recognition after his brother spoke about his diagnosis of motor neuron disease on BBC Radio 4.

Nicholas also has a younger brother David Dimbleby who is a famous television presenter.

Moreover, his brother, Jonathan, is a British presenter of current affairs. Also, he hosts several political radio and television programs. Besides his media career, he is also an author and historian.

Nicholas is the son of Richard Dimbleby. Also, he is a proud father of four kids. However, unlike his elder and junior brothers, he lives a low-key life. Hence not many know about his life and medical condition. 

Here is everything you need to know about Nicholas Dimbleby’s illness and his latest health update. 

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Jonathan Dimbleby Brother Nicholas Dimbleby Illness

BBC broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, who is friends with King Charles III, has opened up about his brother, Nicholas Dimbleby, being diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND).

Reportedly, Nicholas Dimbleby is a sculptor. As reported in an interview, Jonathan revealed that his brother was stricken with MND in early 2023. 

Nicholas Dimbleby Illness
Nicholas Dimbleby Illness: The sculptor(on the right) was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in early 2023. (Source: The Times)

BBC announcer Jonathan Dimbleby also spoke to his younger brother, sculptor Nicholas, following his diagnosis of motor neuron disease (ALS) in February 2023.

King Charles’ friend, Jonathan, revealed that the situation felt too raw, close, and unbearable. He said: 

Sometimes you have to see the worst things in life square in the eye. 

Moreover, Jonathan’s mother, Marilyn Imrie, passed away from MND in 2020. His mother died in the middle of a pandemic.

Jonathan described the situation as horrific, devastating, and upsetting. He revealed that a part of him would like to never talk about it. However, he always thinks about the difficult situation all the time. 

Jonathan acknowledged that he was devasted by his brother’s diagnosis and it was a “fearful reminder.”

The 79-year-old presenter Jonathan is two years older than Nicholas. Moreover, Nicholas has other siblings named David, 85, and Sally, 76.

As suggested by the MND Association, motor neuron disease is a fatal rapidly progressing illness. Similarly, the disease attacks the nerves controlling movement, so, muscles cannot function anymore.

As mentioned by medical experts, MND has no known cure and it can leave the patient unable to talk, swallow, move, and eventually breathe.

Jonathan expressed that he loves his brother and a death sentence is a horrible situation.

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Nicholas Dimbleby Motor Neuron Disease And Health Update 2023

BBC presenter Jonathan Dimbleby spoke to his brother Nicholas Dimbleby about living with the disease and the two brothers’ thoughts on life after death.

I know how difficult a motor neurone disease can be. Before this, Nick would say, I am my brain, my voice and my hands.

Jonathan Dimbleby Brother Nicholas Dimbleby Illness
Jonathan Dimbleby Brother Nicholas Dimbleby Illness: The BBC presenter was devasted by the diagnosis of his brother with motor neuron disease. (Source: The Mirror)

Nicholas Dimbleby is a proud father of four kids. Likewise, he is a very successful sculptor and mostly works with bronze.

Presenter Jonathan is clearly proud of his brother’s art. Sadly, he is equally concerned about Nicholas’s career following his diagnosis.

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