Jonel Nuezca Daughter Now: Elisha Aquino Wikipedia And Age

Jonel Nuezca daughter

Who is Jonel Nuezca daughter? His family topic began trending into the news after surprising disclosures of his case.

Nuezca was a police officer involved in a shooting incident in Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines. Likewise, he was previously charged with two homicide cases and several administrative cases.

Also, Nuezca was suspended for ten days from his job. Similarly, authorities suspended him from February 19 to 28, 2010.

Based on a document, a case was filed against Nuezca in 2014. Likewise, he allegedly refused a drug test, which can be considered a “less serious neglect of duty.”

So, he received a 31-day suspension for his actions. ‘Jonel Nuezca Daughter’ topic excites netizens as the man was involved in severe crimes later in his life. 

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Jonel Nuezca Daughter Elisha Aquino 

Reportedly, Jonel Nuezca’s daughter, Elisha Aquino and his wife were at the crime scene.

In the viral video of the tragedy, Nuezca’s daughter, Elisha, was seen verbally arguing with victim Sonya Gregorio. The incident was taken moments before Jonel pulled the trigger.

Sadly, he killed Sonya and her son, Frank Anthony Gregorio.

As mentioned by the CHR Spokesperson Atty. Jaqueline Ann de Guia:

People should refrain from criticizing Jonel Nuezca daughter since she is still seen as a minor. Also, she is considered a member of the vulnerable sector.

According to the Philippine Commission on Women, Elisha Aquino needs rehabilitation and appropriate care. The statements suggested public judgment and scorn should be stopped.

Jonel Nuezca Daughter Elisha Aquino
Jonel Nuezca’s daughter, Elisha Aquino, still receives backlash for defending her father for his crimes. (Source: Manila Bulletin)

Furthermore, the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) stepped in and mentioned:

Cyberbullying will not help a kid learn the consequences of her actions.

As per the reports, Jonel Nuezca’s daughter and wife were at the incident when he shot two people. 

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Jonel Nuezca Wikipedia And Age

Jonel Montales Nuezca was born on 17 October 1974. Sadly, he passed away on November 30 30, 2021.

Nuezca was 47 years old at the time of his death. Likewise, he was a native of Urdaneta, Pangasinan. However, he resided in Barangay Cabayaoasan, Paniqui, Tarlac.

In 2013, Nuezca was charged with grave misconduct. Also, he had a case related to the administration. However, his case was dropped.

In 2016, Jonel was charged with “serious neglect of duty.” He did not attend a court hearing as a prosecution witness related to a drug case.

Moreover, the case was later dropped and closed. Besides, Nuezca had two severe homicide cases in May and December 2019.

Nevertheless, his charges were dismissed for “lack of substantial evidence.”

Jonel Nuezca Family After The Case 

Former police officer and convicted murderer Jonel Nuezca kept his family from the spotlight. However, his daughter was highlighted after a video went viral regarding his case.

Nuezca’s family requested that his funeral be kept private. Likewise, they disallowed media from covering the family news. 

Jonel Nuezca Daughter
Jonel Nuezca’s daughter, Elisha Aquino, took her father’s side even after being proven guilty. (Source: YouTube)

However, Nuezca’s case was featured on Imbestigador. Likewise, this is GMA Network’s investigative docudrama program.

In an episode titled “Gregorio Double Murder Case,” Jonel Nuezca was featured, and the case study was released.

Carlos Agassi played Jonel’s role, while Mel Kimura and Martin del Rosario potrayed the victims. 

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