Nicholas Alahverdian Wife: Who Is Miranda Louisa Knight? Married Life Explored And Kids

Nicholas Alahverdian wife and family

Nicholas Alahverdian garnered all the attention as the Rhode Island fugitive shocked everyday citizens with his fake death and bizarre remarks. People search for Nicholas Alahverdian Wife.

The sex offender faked his own death and came into the limelight recently for all the worst reasons. Nicholas Alahverdian, commonly known as Nicholas Rossi and Arthur Knight, has been known by many names over the years. 

In 2020, Nicholas was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. But, many believe that he had faked his health report like his death. 

The fledged criminal revealed that he suffered abuse and negligence as a child. Rhode Island’s social service system DCYF (Department of Children Youth and Families) neglected him. But that in no way justifies his horrific actions. 

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Meet Nicholas Alahverdian Wife Miranda Louisa Knight

Serious sex offender Nicholas Alahverdian never tied the knot with his alleged wife Miranda Louisa Knight. 

According to a podcast released in February 2023, Alahverdian’s alleged wife, Knight, only pretended to be his widow ‘Louise‘ and helped spread his fake death news. 

British Journalist Jane MacSorley suggested that Miranda was the criminal’s fake wife.

Nicholas Alahverdian Wife
Nicholas Alahverdian’s fake British wife, Miranda Louisa Knight, helped him fake his death. (Source: The Telegraph)

Earlier, Miranda responded by saying that the allegation was laughable, but then she failed to reply once audio comparisons of Miranda and Louise’s voices were played.

Independent voice analysis expert Dr. Frederika Holmes listened to recordings of Miranda and Louise and concluded that she heard a fake accent.

Speech expert Dr. Frederika Holmes said, I do think it’s the same speaker. Miranda being from Bristol and Louise having a Bristol accent.

She also implied that technology implausibility could add such an accent.

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Nicholas Alahverdian Married Life Explored

Speaking of Nicholas Alahverdian’s married life, the sex offender tied the knot with his first wife on 5 November 2010. However, his wife divorced him after a year of marriage in May 2011.

Alahverdian’s married life was always troublesome. His wife previously made a Police report stating that he repeatedly called her even after the divorce. His wife had a restraining order against him.

Eventually, The security officers initiated an arrest warrant against Alahverdian “for violating a protection order.

Alahverdian second marriage came in October 2015. Just after seven months, his second wife filed a divorce.

The court ruled Nicholas guilty of gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty towards his second wife. Hence, the court placed a temporary restraining order against Alahverdian.

In addition, he violated the court rules by seizing all the marital households and furnishings from his residence.

In 2017, he and his second wife officially divorced, and Alahverdian had to pay $52,000 to his ex-wife that he borrowed. According to The Providence Journal reports, he took money from his wife to purportedly support a community service agency. 

It wouldn’t come as a surprise as Nicholas quickly became violent with his second wife the day after they were married. He threatened her with a knife and controlled her appearance, cutting her off from friends and family. 

Nicholas Alahverdian Kids And Family 

The sex offender had many child victims, and with several criminal activities came many kids. Speaking of his own children, no official records are mentioning Nicholas Alahverdian’s kids.

Serious sex offender Nicholas Alahverdian was born on 11 July 1987 to abusive parents. He mentioned that his biological parents were alcoholics and left him in the care of DCYF.

Nicholas Alahverdian family
Nicholas Alahverdian faces further sexual assault charges. (Source: The Times)

Nicholas developed behavior and mental health problems as a child, as stated by his stepfather David Rossi.

David said, “He (referring to Nicholas) wouldn’t listen to anyone in school. Even he hit his mother, hit his grandma all the time. Also, he hit his siblings, and I had to hold him down. Then, he’d end up spitting at me.”

Nicholas was placed in psychiatric care at Butler Hospital for his dreadful actions. Eventually, doctors prescribed him to Bradley Hospital and diagnosed him with attention deficit disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

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