NFL Colin Kaepernick Weight Loss: Before And After Photos

NFL Colin Kaepernick Weight Loss

Colin Kaepernick Weight Loss took a toll on him physically and emotionally too. However, he now boasts a healthy physique, as seen in his before and after pictures.

Colin Rand Kaepernick is an American civil rights activist and former NFL quarterback who played for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011–2016.

He drew worldwide attention in 2016 for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice.

The former athlete’s actions sparked a movement against systemic racism that intensified when President Trump criticized protesting players.

Rand became a free agent after the 2016 season and has not been re-signed, which many attribute to his activism.

He filed a collusion grievance against the NFL before settling in 2019. Though out of the league, Kaepernick remains influential, advocating for equality and social justice reforms.

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NFL Colin Kaepernick Weight Loss

In 2016, before Colin ever kneeled during the anthem, he was already battling to keep his starting job after a few subpar seasons post-Super Bowl.

That year, the former athlete lost substantial weight due to being inactive following multiple off-season surgeries. It drew massive attention from his fans, who were sad to see their idol’s declining popularity.

As a result, “Colin Kaepernick Weight Loss” became a trending topic among people on the internet at that time.

After undergoing procedures on his shoulder, knee, and thumb, the American football player could not work out and train properly. As a result, he lost considerable muscle mass and strength.

When he arrived at training camp, observers immediately noticed he looked thinner and slimmer than his formerly sculpted, muscular frame.

Analysts believed Colin Kaepernick’s weight loss and strength severely affected his abilities and effectiveness on the field.

Colin Kaepernick Weight loss
Colin Kaepernick’s weight loss was caused by remaining inactive following surgeries on his shoulder, knee, and thumb. (Source: NBC)

Having relied heavily on dual-threat skills as both a runner and passer, his weight loss appeared to slow him down as a rusher and sap his velocity as a thrower.

Experts noted that he had regressed sharply as a mobile quarterback and showed little of the athleticism that once made him so dynamic.

At camp, when asked about his weight, the activist admitted to avoiding stepping on the scale because he did not want actually to know how much he had dropped.

With his job already in jeopardy after recent struggles, Rand’s reduced weight presented yet another hurdle to overcome and raised concerns about whether he could still perform at a high level physically.

Colin Kaepernick Before And After Photos

Photos of Kaepernick at various stages of his NFL career showcase noticeable transformations in his physical build and size.

Early images from his breakout seasons reveal the muscular, well-defined frame expected of a dual-threat quarterback.

But later photos depict a slimmer civil rights activist with a thinner build representing decreased strength.

The contrast illustrates how injuries and forced inactivity in 2016 significantly altered the former player’s physique.

Side-by-side before and after shots spotlight how much mass he lost that season compared to his formerly sculpted shape.

Colin Kaepernick Weight Loss
Colin Kaepernick became vegan to live a healthier lifestyle. (Source: cbssports)

While the ex-athlete bulked back up somewhat afterward, he never regained the same proportions.

The changes in his body were believed to impact his performance and athleticism.

Though he adopted a vegan lifestyle post-NFL, his initial weight fluctuations and decline preceded any dietary switch.

Before and after photos of Colin dramatize his physical evolution, especially the jarring weight loss in 2016 attributed to his regression on the field.

Though now permanently slimmed down, the activist remains focused on activism rather than reigniting his playing career. The visual timeline shows his transformation into a new role beyond football.

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