Nate Bargatze Weight Loss – Is He Sick? Wife And Wikipedia Bio

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss is a hot topic circulating throughout the internet as he got sick in late 2020. Nate is a 43 years old American Stand up comedian.

Nathanael Nate Bargatze is an American stand-up comedian. He is also well known for his guest appearances on shows like Starring Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and Comedy Central.

Besides his successful stand-up comedy career, Nate has special appearances in various TV shows and movies, like The Stand-ups, Just for Laughs, and A presentation on Netflix.

He performs live stand-up acts in different cities, and the tickets can be bought through his official website, costing from $36 to $66 per show. The prices vary per the seat planning: a place in the Orchestra area or balcony.

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss – Is He Sick?

Most recently, there have been rumors about Nate getting sick and battling the illness. The rumors started in August 2020 as he canceled the show in Nashville. After looking at his weight loss, the fan following got the hint that there must be something wrong going on.

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss
Nate Bargatze performing live at ComedianX. (Source: NateBargatze)

There is no clear information about his illness, but the speculations specify that he is recovering and progressing. The fans are happy to know that he is still performing in different places and taking good care of himself. After many years of struggling to lose weight and an unhealthy lifestyle, he decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Bargatze started with regular exercises, like jogging around the neighborhood, and slowly increased the workout intensity and duration. Besides his routine, he reduced his calorie intake and stopped eating junk or processed foods. He also started staying hydrated.

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss
Nate Bargatze performing on Comedy Central. (Source: Facebook)

The weight loss journey was not easy for him, it took a lot of time and patience, but it was worth it. Due to his dedication and hard work with a proper diet, he lost weight. Nate’s weight loss journey is an inspiration for those who want to change their lifestyle to a healthier one.

Nate Bargatze Wife

Laura Baines Bargatze is the wife of Nate Bargatze. They got married on 13th October 2006. So, it has been more than fourteen years of togetherness.  Laure always supported me throughout the career of her husband. Nate is not just a comedian; he acted on multiple Television shows and films.

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss
Nate Bargatze with his wife Laura Baine. (Source: Facebook)

He is popularly known for the relatable humor and practical jokes that crack the audience in a story format. Nate has performed in almost every state in the United States with the biggest comedy festivals and venues.

He has built a successful career out of his comedy and entertainment career. He still performs life and brings happiness to his audience.

Nate Bargatze Wikipedia Bio

On the Nate Bargatze Wikipedia bio, there is not much about his personal life. Still, there is plenty of information about his early life and career path from the beginning until now. Bargatze was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on 25th March 1979. His parents are his mother, Carole, and father, Stephen Bargatze.

Nate Bargatze Weight Loss
Young Nate Bargatze with his clown father Stephen Bargatze. (Source: Facebook)

Mr. Stephen Bargatze’s father is of Italian descent, a former clown, and now a motivational speaker and magician. Nate went to a Christian school called Donelson Christian Academy in Nashville. Later he volunteered at the Community college for about a semester in media classes.

Bargatze confirmed following Christianity and has openly talked about all his faiths in religion in different interviews and on social media. He has immense faith in his religion and takes it as life’s significant asset. Besides his humorous jokes and connection with the fans, he also connects to religion.

Nate also co-wrote “You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity”; the book’s primary author is Louie Giglio. 

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