Iain Stirling Sister And Brother, His Siblings Wife And Net Worth In 2023

Iain Stirling Sister And Brother

People are curious about Iain Stirling’s Sister And Brother. His fans want to know more about his life.

Iain Andrew Stirling is a Scottish comedian, writer, actor, narrator, and tv presenter from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is known for being a presenter on the  CBBC Channel network along with Hacker T. Dog.

Iain started his stand-up comedy journey in his final year of Law at the University of Edinburgh. In the same year, he became the finalist for Paramount Funniest Student and Chortle Student Comedian Of The Year.

Stirling soon became a regular in the Uk’s comedy circuit ever since. After being spotted in one of his gigs, he became the presenter of Scoop.

He also became a writer for numerous CBBC projects and BBC Scotland. He appeared as the postboy in the first four episodes of the Scoop.

He also appeared in a video by the Sideman called ” The Roast of the Sidemen 2″.

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Iain Stirling Sister And Brother-His Siblings

Iain became a familiar face among the UK’s households, and with his fame, people have become curious about his family.

Iain was born on 27 January 1988 to Rodger Strling and Alison Stirling. He has one sibling Kirsten Stirling. He doesn’t have a brother.

Iain Stirling Sister And Brother
Iain Stirling wearing an outfit gifted by his sister Kirsten at Christmas (Source: Facebook)

His sister Kirsten Stirling is a relatively private person and has kept her life away from her brother’s fame. It’s a respectful decision, as people use their family member’s fame for their excellence, but Kirsten decided otherwise.

Kristen has kept her Instagram private and has 209 followers. Her path has been more academic. She did her LLB degree from the same University as her brother, the University of Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, there is not much information updated about Iain’s family. The spotlight is yet to reach Iain’s family.

Iain Stirling Wife Laura Whitmore

Iain Stirling married actress, presenter, and model Laura Whitmore at Dublin City Hall in a humanist ceremony. The couple also has a daughter named Stevie Re in March 2021.

The couple met at the British Academy Children’s Awards in 2016, but there was nothing romantic between them back then. They stayed friends for years, and It took the pair nine months of back and forth at DMs to finally express their feelings.

Iain Stirling Wife Laura Whitmore
Iain Stirling with his wife Laura Whitmore (Source: Facebook)

They started dating in 2017, and they visited each other secretly. They kept their relationship hidden for a while and finally revealed it later.

The couple bought a house and moved in together back in December of 2018 in London. Even their marriage was a secret.

The couple made the relationship holy in a private ceremony in Dublin on 11 November 2020. The marriage was so private that not even the media got the slightest hint of it despite both being so famous. The pair later announced the news to the media in January 2021.

Iain Stirling Net worth in 2023

Being a comedian and a narrator for the show Love Island since 2015, it is estimated that he has a net worth of 4 Million Dollars.

Iain Stirling Wife Laura Whitmore
Iain Stirling and his wife Laura Whitmore at their podcast (Source: Facebook)

Iain is also a Twitch streamer with over 65,000 followers, and his videos are pretty popular on the platform. He also hosts a podcast with his wife, Laura Whitemore, called “Partner in Crime with Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling.”

His wife is also a model and actress. In addition to that, she is a co-host at Love Island. So, with all this additional income, the Stirling family is financially stable.

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