15 Most Expensive Houses in 2021

Which are the 15 most expensive houses in the world in 2021?

With the number of growing multi-millionaires and billionaires in the modern era, the residences they live in has also become extravagant than ever before.

Besides, wealthy personalities own villas that are too extravagant in every manner than we could ever imagine.

Well, below is the list of such 15 most expensive houses in 2021.

The most lavish houses on the list range from opulent historic palaces to modern villas and skyscraper penthouses.

Quick Overview

Houses Owner Price
15. Villa Firenze Tony Nicastro $191 million
14. Hearst Castle William Randolph Hearst $191 million
13. Palazzo di Amore Jeff Greene $195 million
12. Manapalan Residence $195 million
11. Ellison Estate Larry Ellison $200 million
10. Kensington Palace Garden Lakshmi Mittal $222 million
9. Chartwell Estate $245 million
8. Four Fairfield Pond Ira Rennert $248 million
7. The 8th Wonder of the World Bruce Makowsky $250 million
6. Tour Oden Groupe Marzocco $387 million
5. Villa Les Cedres Rinat Akhmetov $413 million
4. Villa Leopolda Lily Safra $750 million
3. One Hyde Park Project Grande (Guernsey) Limited $1.5 billion
2. Antilia Mukesh Ambani $2.6 million
1. Buckingham Palace King George II $5 million

Most Expensive Houses

The information has been compiled from reliable sites on the web such as Forbes, and Business Insider.

15. Villa Firenze

Monetary Value: $191 million

Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, US

Owner: Tony Nicastro

Architect: William Hablinski

Total Land Area: 30,000 sq ft, 9 acres

Major Attractions:  Grand main house, three guest cottages, parking lot for 30 cars, six stunning garages, Canary Island Palms with Italian ambiance inside the mansion.

Villa Firenze is the world’s 15th most expensive house in 2021.

Villa Firenze (Source: Work+Money)

Besides, the mansion is located in America’s deluxe real estate point Beverly Hills, California.

Especially, the Mediterranean estate is affluent with 13 bedrooms, 17 full bathrooms, eight half bathrooms, a private road leading to the 24/7 guarded main house, and antique Italian interior design featuring vaulted ceilings.

Apart from that, beautiful tall natural decor plants, marble floors, multiple dressing rooms, fireplaces, five home offices, gym room, game room, craft room, staff suites are some of the notable features of the mansion.

14. Hearst Castle

Monetary Value: $191 million

Location: San Simeon, CA 93542, US

Owner: William Randolph Hearst

Architect: Julia Morgan

Total Land Area: over 90,000 sq ft, 127 acres

Construction Period: 1919-1947

Major Attractions: 28 grand bedrooms, 38 bathrooms, 50,000 sq ft main house with bulletproof windows, almost Olympic-sized swimming pool, etc.

Hearst Castle (Source: PBV)

Beverly Hills exclusive mansion, Hearst Castle, is the world’s fourteenth most expensive house in 2021.

Especially, the castle offers a Mediterranean ambiance and living suite with a 22-foot hand-painted ceiling.

Moreover, Hearst Castle has two screening rooms, a two-story wood-paneled library, tennis courts, 400 dining accommodations on the terrace, and 1,000 people on the ground.

The popular American sitcom, Godfather and The Bodyguard were shot in the Hearst Palace.

13. Palazzo di Amore

Monetary Value: $195 million

Location: Beverly Hills, California, US

Owner: Jeff Greene

Architect: Bob Rey Offenhauser

Total Land Area: 53,000 sq ft, 25 acres

Major Attractions: 5,000 sq ft master suite, 27 parking spots for cars and can accommodate up to 150 cars, barbecue area, 128 foot- reflecting pool, a huge fountain, 10,000 bottle wine cellars, private wine farmhouse producing six varieties of wine, entertainment complex, etc.

Palazzo di Amore (Source: Haute Residence)

Palazzo di Amore is the world’s thirteenth most expensive house in 2021.

An American billionaire realtor, Jeff Greene, owns this lavish mansion in California’s exclusive spot Beverly Hills.

One of the peak expensive estates in America comprises floor-to-ceiling Moroccan tiles, a VIP suite, a tennis court, etc.

Moreover, this mansion grants a Turkish-style spa, four additional bedroom suites, three garages, and a game room.

Further, the villa is rich with a woody fireplace, the first floor with a grand chef kitchen and, the living room the dining room offers a beautiful view of the waterfalls in Beverly Hills.

12. Manalapan Residence

Monetary Value: $195 million

Location: Manapalan, Florida, USA

Total Land Area: 67,672 sq ft

Construction: 1995

Major Attractions: 6,140 sq ft master bedroom suite, 24 bathrooms, 18 car garage, astounding aquarium wet bar, casinos, two elevators, and beauty salon, etc.

Manapalan Residence (Source: Houzz)

Manapalan Residence is the world’s twelfth most expensive house in 2021.

The extravagant residence is located in Southern Florida, Manapalan. And it offers an exotic view of Palm Beach and Boca Raton nearby.

Moreover, the three-story beach house is the Manapalan’s exclusive residence directly connected to the Atlantic Ocean and vast waterways.

Further, the residence is rich with 14 grand bedrooms, a movie theatre, club rooms, two elevators, a gym room, a tennis court, etc.

11. Ellison Estate

Monetary Value: $200 million

Location: Woodside, California, USA

Owner: Larry Ellison

Architect: William Wurster

Total Land Area: 23 acres, 93,077 sq ft

Construction Period: 1958- 2004

Major Attractions: Japanese imperial style, ten major buildings, bathhouse, waterfall, two guest cottages, 7.3 Ritcher scale earthquake-resistant building, oak trees, natural ambiance, etc.

Ellison Estate (Source: Business Insider)

Ellison Estate is the world’s eleventh most expensive house in 2021.

The world’s tenth-wealthiest personality, Larry Ellison, owns the luxurious property in Woodside, California.

Likewise, Ellison is also the co-founder of the world’s leading industry Oracle Corporation.

Moreover, Ellison purchased the property in 1995 and transformed the estate into the world’s leading extravagant property in 2004.

Further, the estate comprises alluring architecture based on Japanese imperial culture and 10 major buildings with a bathhouse, tea house, koi fish pond, and a manmade lake.

10. Kensington Palace Garden

Monetary Value: $222 Million

Location: Kensington, London

Owner:  Lakshmi Mittal

Architects: Sir Charles Barry, Grissel & Peto

Total Land Area: 55,000 sq ft

Established: 1846

Major Attractions: Turkish baths, indoor pool, extravagant 12-bed suites, parking for 20 cars.

Kensington Palace Garden is the world’s eighth most expensive house in 2021.

Kensington Palace Garden (Source: Viator)

The owner of the house is Lakshmi Mittal.

Mr. Mittal is the CEO of an internationally leading mining and steel industry, Mittal Steels.

And one of the top 100 richest personalities in India.

Similarly, this lavish property is located beside the mansion of Prince William and Kate Middleton in Kensington, London.

9. Chartwell Estate

Monetary Value: $245 million

Location: Bel Air Neighborhood, California, USA

Established: 1933

Architect: Sumner Spaulding

Interior designer: Henri Samuel

Owner: Arnold Kirkeby, Jerry Perenchio (1986), Lachlan Murdoch (2019)

Total Land Area: 25,000 sq ft, over 10 acres

Major Attractions: French chateau architecture with 11 deluxe bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, 12,000 bottle wine cellar, 75-foot swimming pool, ballroom, two secret tunnels linked with different areas of the estate, etc.

Chartwell Estate (Source: Pinterest)

Chartwell Estate is the world’s ninth most expensive house in 2021.

At first, Sumner Spaulding built the house as per the wish of a contractor Lynn Atkinson for his wife. But, sadly, they never lived in the villa as Atkinson’s wife considered it flashy.

Later, an American billionaire, Jerry Perenchio, owned the estate in 1986.

Also, Perenchio furnished the interior designs magnificently. It took almost five years for the completion.

In addition, Perenchio increased the land area to more than 10 acres by purchasing and combining three huge neighborhood lots.

Besides, this wonderful estate is located in Bel Air Neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Moreover, the property is affluent with a 5,700 square foot guest house, a gigantic grassland with a helipad.

Further, the main residence is decorated with European furniture and antique pieces, including private redwood forests, a grand foundation, and koi fish ponds.

 The opera legend, Luciano Pavarotti often practiced in Chartwell Estate’s deluxe piano house.

8. Four Fairfield Pond

Monetary Value: $248 million

Location: Sagaponack, New York

Owner: Ira Rennert

Architects: Perkins and Will from Chicago

Total Land Area: 110,000 sq ft

Size: 63 acres

Established: 2003

Major Attractions: a huge 91 ft dining room, bowling alley, etc.

Four Fairfield Pond (Source: Bagno. site)

The Hampton-based exclusive mansion, Four Fairfield Pond, is the world’s eighth most expensive house in 2021.

Billionaire and CEO of the Renco Group, Ira Rennert, owns this lavish mansion.

Moreover, the residence includes a bowling alley (basketball, squash, and tennis court), three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, and a powerhouse.

7. The 8th Wonder of the World

Monetary Value: $250 million

Location: United States

Owner: Bruce Makowsky

Architects: Jørn Utzon

Total land area: 38,000 sq ft

Major Attractions: 12 bedroom suites, five bars, three gourmet kitchens, a spa, 40-seat movie theater, 85-foot magnificent swimming pools.

The 8th Wonder of World (Source: The London Economic)

The 8th Wonder of the World is the world’s seventh most expensive house in 2021.

Similarly, this 4-story mansion is located in Los Angeles’s deluxe Bel Air Neighborhood.

Moreover, this mansion is affluent with a spa, bowling halls, stylist vintage cars worthy of $300 million.

Further, one can enjoy the beautiful view of the snowy mountain from Los Angeles.

6. Tour Odeon

Monetary Value: $387 million

Location: La Rousse/Saint Roman, Monaco, France

Owner: Groupe Marzocco

Architects: Alexandre Giraldi

Total land area: 35,673 sq ft

Size: 170 m ( in height)

Floors: 49

Construction Period: 2009- April 2015

Major Attractions: Wellness and fitness center, spa, 259 apartments, fast elevators, etc.

This stunning 49-story skyscraper penthouse is the world’s fifth most expensive house in 2021.

Most Expensive Houses
Tour Odeon Penthouse (Source: The Pinnacle List)

Also, Tour Oden is the second-highest penthouse in Europe’s Mediterranean Coastline.

Similarly, the penthouse is located in Monaco.

Moreover, a Paris-based genius interior designer, Alberto Pinto, designed this mansion into a masterpiece full of glasses from the down floor to the top ceilings.

In addition, this apartment offers an extensive view of the heavenly sea and entire Monaco.

Further, this penthouse is affluent, with five floors each covering a 35,500 square feet area. Likewise, the first floor is facilitated with a huge swimming pool and a water slide connecting it ultimately to the second floor.

Tour Odeon comprises 62 private mansions for sale (including 2 Sky Duplex suites and one Sky Penthouse.)

5. Villa Les Cedres

Monetary Value: $413 million

Location: French Riviera, France

Established: 1830

Owner: Rinat Akhmetov

Total Land Area: 18,000 sq ft, 35 acres

Major Attractions: Exterior identical to the Kingdom of Sardinia with light salmon and sand color, panoramic views of Villefranche-sur-Mer, bronze statue of Athena, tall palm, grand sitting rooms, chandeliers, French doors, guard in the entrance.

Most Expensive Houses
Villa Les Cedres (Source: Pinterest)

Villa Les Cedres is the world’s fifth most expensive house in 2021.

At first, this villa was constructed for the King of Belgium in 1830.

Later, the CEO of  System Capital Management Group and Ukraine’s wealthiest man, Rinat Akhmetov, purchased the historic villa in 2019.

Moreover, the property is affluent with gorgeous chandeliers, a marble coating, a bronze statue of Athena.

Further, 19th-century portraits floor to ceilings, deluxe suites, a wood-paneled library including a 1640 edition botanical collection worth over €7000 are the villa’s valuable ornaments.

4. Villa Leopolda

Monetary Value: $750 million

Location: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Owner: Lily Safra

Architects: Ogden Codman Jr.

Total land area: 80,000 sq ft

Size: 18 acres

Construction Period: 1929- 1931

Major Attractions: Attractive on the basis of historical, antique, and tourism significance.

Most Expensive Houses
Villa Leopolda (Source: Grand Sud Insolite)

Villa Leopolda is the world’s fourth ultra-exclusive mansion in 2021.

Besides, the residence is located at the height of Villefranche-sur-Mer, France.

Moreover, this wonderful villa comprises 11 lavish bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, a helipad, a huge swimming pool, and a large greenhouse surrounding it.

In addition, Brazilian philanthropist Lily Safra owns this fancy villa. Safra’s husband, who bought the house in 1987, Edmund Safra, expired in an arsonist’s fire in 1999.

Alfred Hitchcock’s superb 1995 classic movie, To Catch a Thief was shot in this villa.

3. One Hyde Park

Monetary value: $1.59 billion

Location: London, United Kingdom

Owner: Project Grande ( Guernsey) Limited

Architects: Richard Rogers, Graham Stirk

Contractor: Laing O’ Rourke

Total land area: 385,000 sq ft

Size: 790 m (in height)

Floors: 14

Construction Period: January 2007- December 2010

Major Attractions: 21 m ozone swimming pool, private spa, saunas, and steam rooms, wine storage rooms, etc.

One Hyde Park is the world’s third ultra-exclusive mansion in 2021.

Most Expensive Houses
One Hyde Park (Source: Wikipedia)

Besides, this deluxe residence is located in the world’s most elite area of Central London, Knightsbridge.

Moreover, the British and international public’s dream house, One Hyde Park, treasures the combination of contemporary and antique arts, bulletproof glass, 21-meter stainless steel ozone swimming pools, etc.

In addition, the British Special Forces guard offers 24-hour security in the residence.

Further, the apartment is affluent with 86 residences and a $115 million-worthy five-bedroom suite.

2. Antilia

Monetary value: $2.6 billion

Location: Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill, South Mumbai

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

Architects: Perkins and Will

Total land area: 400,000 sq ft

Size: 568 ft (163 m in height)

Floors: 27

Construction Period: 2006- 2010

Major Attractions: a ballroom, 168 car garage, ten lifts, three helipads, 50 seat theatre, gym, spa house, etc.

Antilia is the world’s second most expensive house in 2021.

Most Expensive Houses
Antilia (Source: Wikipedia)

Besides, India’s richest man and the chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, owns this huge skyscraper property in Altamount Road, South Mumbai.

Moreover, this is a 27-story building with 60 floors each with unique designs, where six of the floors treasure Mr. Ambani’s favorite cars.

In addition, the house comprises Mr. Ambani’s service station and nine super-fast elevators.

Also, the mansion is illustrative for its two stories recreational center with numerous facilities of gym, multiple swimming pools, a health spa, jacuzzis, dance and yoga studios, etc.

Further, the skyscraper is affluent with an ice cream station, salon, snow room, a religious temple, a power plant, and large numbers of guest apartments.

Well, 600 staffs maintain this lavish property.

 The name of the extravagant house was entitled under the mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, Antilia.

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1. Buckingham Palace

Monetary value: $5 billion

Location: Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Owner: King George III

Architects: John Nash, William Winde,  Thomas Cubitt, Edward Blore, Aston Webb

Total land area: 829,000 sq ft

Size: 39 acres

Floors: 5

Construction Period: 1703- 1705

Major Attractions: 775 rooms, 19 staterooms, royal mews, Queen’s gallery, Cavalry Museum

Buckingham Palace is the world’s most expensive house in 2021.

Most Expensive Houses
Buckingham Palace (Source: Wikipedia)

At first, there was a large private townhouse property in this area.

But, later, the property developed into one of the world’s most beautiful and expensive palaces.

Moreover, King George III acquired the site in 1703.

After then, he turned it into the Queen’s Palace, a private residence for his queen, Charlotte.

Located in the city of Westminster, Buckingham Palace has been the main spot for UK’s state affairs and royal hospitality since 1837.

Especially, this lavish royal palace features 775 rooms, 19 staterooms, 188 staff rooms, including 52 royal and guest rooms, 78 bathrooms, and 92 offices surrounded by 40 acres garden.

 The public can visit the state rooms of the palace during August and September.

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