Monica Seles Stabbing Video, Knife Attack During The Match

Monica Seles Stabbing Video

Monica Seles stabbing video began trending online after surprising disclosures of an alleged knife attack during the match.

Monica Seles was the youngest-ever French Open Tennis player of her time. Likewise, she is a former aggressive baseline female player.

Seles is originally from Yugoslavia. Similarly, she was born in a Hungarian family.

Besides her tennis career, Monica Seles appeared in the 6th season of the hit American reality TV series, “Dancing with the Stars.”

However, the talented player couldn’t make it in the show. Also, she was eliminated in the first round.

Seles won eight Grand Slam titles under the age of 20. Hence, she became renowned for being the youngest-ever French Open Champion.

Eventually, the most appreciated tennis star won her ninth Grand Slam title. Furthermore, the Times Magazine mentioned her in the “30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present, and Future” list

The facts surrounding the Monica Seles stabbing video have generated controversial online buzz, resulting in the conviction of an obsessed German fan of Steffi Graf.

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Monica Seles Stabbing Video

Former tennis player Monica Seles left everyone with a guarantee about the potentiality of her becoming the most accomplished female player. Unfortunately, Seles was stabbed by a German fan of Steffi Graf.

Monica Seles’s stabbing attack in 1993 by a competitor’s fan changed tennis history and is still remembered as a dark day.

Monica Seles Stabbing Video
Monica Seles Stabbing Video: The legendary tennis star was stabbed during the match. (Source: YouTube)

After the tragic incident, Seles also suffered from depression and BEDs. Likewise, the extraordinary retired tennis icon wrote a memoir in 2009, “Getting a grip: On my Body: My mind, Myself.

Seles’s writings reflected upon the moments she struggled with depression and BED (Binge Eating Disorder).

Despite being an astonishing tennis player, Monica lived her life with depression. However, fewer people seemed to notice that in contrast to her fame and success.

Above all, Monica highlighted her reason behind the BED and depression were her stabbing attack followed by her parent’s death. Seles’s stabbing incident is still recalled as a dark history in tennis.

Without a doubt, Monica was living her dreams but lost it all when she had a court incident. As of now, the retired tennis star believes in investing the money in financial security.

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Monica Seles Knife Attack During The Match

Former tennis player Monica Seles began building her professional career very young. However, her career was cut short after an obsessed German fan of Steffi Graf stabbed her.

Even though Seles’ wound took her only a few weeks to heal, she continued her career only after two years.

Monica also reported that she received threatening messages during her career.

Monica Seles Stabbing Video
Monica Seles Stabbing Video: The tennis player stayed close to her family after the incident. (Source: News AU)

Moreover, Monica injured her foot at the Italian Open in 2003 and withdrew from her second match.

Also, she lost her first-round game at a Grand Slam in her entire career. Hence, her defeat made her think of herself as a failure, so she decided to discontinue playing in an official tour match.

Despite so much success, Monica retired at the age of 25. Likewise, she devoted her 18 years as a professional tennis player.

Moreover, the tragic Monica Seles stabbing video and incident sparked security concerns and surprise during the match, known for its competitive nature.

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