Missing Dave Schultz Wife Nancy Schultz: Seeks Help To Find Husband

Dave Schultz wife

The Iowa Lake View Police Department is searching for David Schultz, a missing individual last observed on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. The missing Dave Schultz wife, Nancy Schultz, is seeking help from everyone.

According to law enforcement, Schultz is a Caucasian male, standing at approximately 6 feet tall and weighing around 180 pounds.

Officials have provided details regarding his physical appearance, noting that he has brown hair and brown eyes.

The police department in Iowa Lake stated that David Schultz, a 53-year-old trucker, was anticipated to complete the unloading of his truck carrying hogs in Sac City.

Unfortunately, he failed to reach his intended destination, having gone missing before reaching Sac City. Although authorities located his truck, there was no sign of David in the vicinity.

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Missing Dave Schultz Wife Sarah Schultz

Sarah Schultz, the wife of David Schultz, shared that she saw her husband last Monday at approximately 7:30 p.m. before he left their Wall Lake residence to head to work.

As a truck driver, husband, and father, David’s departure was a routine part of his job.

During their last interaction, Sarah noted that David was dressed in Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots, although she couldn’t recall the specific shirt he was wearing. She mentioned that she believed he had on a Peterbilt hat.

Dave Schultz wife
                                                                          The 53-year-old, Dave has been missing for days (Source: Pinterest)

The situation took a concerning turn on Tuesday morning when David’s boss visited Sarah, expressing his inability to locate David.

David’s work assignment involved transporting a load of hogs from Eagle Grove to Sac City.

Also, a search between these two locations led to the discovery of his truck on Tuesday morning, situated on the road and not pulled over.

The location was northbound on Highway 71, approximately five miles north of the intersection with Old Highway 20.

Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding David’s disappearance have raised significant concern and initiated a search effort in the area.

The Schultz family seeks help

Dave’s distressed family is urgently asking the public for assistance in locating him.

They sincerely plead for information to help find the missing Dave, expressing great desperation.

Tragically, in many cases of missing individuals, the outcome is grim, with the person often found deceased rather than reunited with their family.

Dave Schultz wife
                                              The law enforcements are still searching for the missing person, Dave Schultz (Source: Pinterest)

The prevailing worry arises from the fact that many of these unsolved cases eventually result in the sombre discovery of the person’s remains.

Furthermore, the law enforcement authorities have stressed that the investigation is still ongoing and will undergo routine evaluation, with any new leads being actively pursued.

Dave Schultz: Is he found yet?

No, as of now, the missing person’s whereabouts are not known. However, the authorities are still searching for him.

The Iowa truck driver, last seen by family on Monday evening, has been missing since Tuesday morning.

The police found the empty truck, but there’s no sign of the man nearby. However, they did find his phone and wallet in the truck.

Dave Schultz missing
                        Dave Schultz’s current location still remains unknown to everyone including the concerned authorities (Source: Pinterest)

Also, law enforcement used a search dog to find David Schultz, but they were unable to find him anywhere.

However, the dog did guide them to his jacket in a ditch, possibly blown there by strong winds, according to the police.

As the search continues, David’s family, the police, and his wife Sarah are asking for help from the public to find the trucker.

Furthermore, the Sac County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol are also involved, and the police are urging anyone with information to call 712-657-2513.

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