Mikal Bridges Brothers: Jack Bridges, Korey Bridges, and Eric Futch

Mikal Bridges parents

Meet Mikal Bridges brothers Jack, Korey, and Eric. To know about his siblings read the article below.

Mikal Bridges is an American professional basketball player currently playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Phoenix Suns.

The NBA player was born on August 30, 1996.

He also played college basketball for the Villanova Wildcats, where Mikal won two national championships in 2016 and another in 2018.

In the 2018 NBA draft before being swapped to the Phoenix Suns on draft night. Mikal was chosen with the tenth overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers.

He is known for his ability to score and play excellent defense, often guarding the opposing team’s best player.

Bridges was a part of the Phoenix Suns team that reached the 2021 NBA Finals.

In an interview with Get Fit Don’t Quit, Bridges talked about overcoming self-doubt.

While there is a running joke on Reddit that “Mikal Bridges is the only player in NBA history,” he is actually a talented and accomplished basketball player.

Continue reading the article as we feature the Mikal Bridges brothers.

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Mikal Bridges Brothers: Jack Bridges, Korey Bridges, and Eric Futch

 Mikal Bridges has three brothers named Jack Bridges, Korey Bridges, and Eric Futch.

Eric is the oldest of the brothers and is known to support Mikal’s basketball career.

Jack and Korey also support their brother and have an unbreakable bond with him.

In an interview with Get Fit Don’t Quit, Mikal talked about his relationship with his brothers and how they have helped him overcome self-doubt.

Mikal Bridges brothers
Mikal Bridges hanging out with his three brothers. (Image Source: Instagram)

While Mikal is the most well-known of the Bridges brothers due to his successful basketball career, his brothers are an important part of his life and support system.

Despite only few information available about Mikal Birdges brothers, we can say that all four brothers are supportive of each other.

We can say that they will be there for each other whenever they need help during the low time of their career journey.

We will be the first to update you on Mikal Bridges brothers even more in detail as soon as we get information from relevant sources, so stay in touch.

Mikal Bridges Parents

Mikal Bridges’ parents are Jack Bridges and Tyneeha Rivers.

Jack and Tyneeha are both supportive of their son’s basketball career and have been seen at many of his games.

Tyneeha Rivers works as the chief people officer at Curaleaf.

She has spoken about how surreal it is to watch her son play against the Philadelphia 76ers, the team she grew up supporting.

Mikal Bridges brothers
Mikal Bridges wishes his mother on the occasion of Mother’s day. (Image Source: Instagram)

While there is not much information available about Mikal’s parents, it is clear that they are proud of their son’s accomplishments and have been a supportive presence in his life.

Just like his brothers, Mikal parents are also very supportive of him.

Despite having only few information on his parents, it is clear that they are happy with Mikal pursuing his career as a pro basketball player.

However, we will update you on the topic of Mikal’s parents as soon as we get information on them, so stay in touch.

Mikal Bridges Ethnicity and religion

While talking about Mikal’s ethnicity, his mother, Tyneesha Rivers, grew up in the center of Philadelphia.

As she grew up in Philadelphia, she is an American citizen.

Nonetheless, her ethnic background is of African-American descent.

It is challenging to identify Mikal’s father, Jack Bridges’ nationality and ethnicity because there is currently no information accessible about him.

About Mikal Bridges’ religious principles or practices, not much is known.

His religious beliefs or membership in a particular church or denomination have not been publicly discussed.

He might, however, be a Christian or at the very least have some Christian influences in his life, according to several hints.

For instance, he spent three years at the Catholic University Villanova University before declaring for the NBA draft.

Another hint is Bridges’s “Psalm 23” tattoo on his left arm.

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