Michael Reed Wife: Who Is Zoe Ball Ex Boyfriend Married To?

Michael Reed Wife

After the recent breakup, fans are curious to find out about Zoe Ball’s ex-boyfriend Michael Reed wife, wondering if he is married.

Reed has been in talks for several years after he began dating the TV presenter and radio star Zoe Ball. 

He is a former construction worker and owns a construction firm. The former construction worker is located in Kent.

Michael hit the headlines after he was first seen enjoying a cozy and intimate night out in London with Zoe Ball in December 2017.

However, details about him were being kept closely under wraps for several years by the radio star. 

Once again, he remains in talks after breaking up the five-year-long relationship with Ball.

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Michael Reed Wife: Who Is Zoe Ball Ex Boyfriend Married To? 

While fans are suspecting about Michael Reed wife after he broke up with Zoe Ball, he has not been linked with anyone after the split.

Moreover, the celebrity has not revealed anything about getting married. Hence as of 2023, Michael Reed wife remains unknown.

There is no news of his marriage in public, which further clarifies that he is not married to anyone.

Additionally, it appears too soon for him to be involved in another serious commitment, as he recently came out of a five-year-long relationship with Zoe Ball.

Michael’s romance with Zoe, mother of two, began in 2017.

The couple made their first official public appearance on a red carpet in December 2018.

Michael Reed Wife
Zoe Ball’s ex-boyfriend Michael Reed wife remains unknown. (Source: AussieCelebs)

According to The Sun, they were often spotted holding hands as they walked around the shops in Brighton.

The couple supposedly broke up in 2019 but got back together and were going strong.

However, the radio presenter, Zoe parted ways and asked Michael out of their home in East Sussex.

The two had been living together before the split. 

Additionally, a source close to the star implied that things hadn’t been rosy for a while, and the two were having their differences.

They were arguing over silly things that got too much for both of them. Gradually, the couple started spending much less time together.

Some sources even reveal that the two took on a different vacation away from each other and eventually drifted apart.

Michael Reed Relationship Timeline

Before dating the radio star, Michael is claimed to have dated other beautiful women.

He was in a relationship with Lorraine Ashdown. Ashdown was mutual friends with Zoe as she worked as a TV and radio announcer for Radio 1.

However, Lorraine and Michael split up after they had their child. The split got ugly with a child involved.

Additionally, Ashdown had the child’s custody after the split, and Reed was ordered to pay her to help in child-supporting areas.

According to the DailyMail, the former construction worker was ordered to pay £20k in child support areas to Lorraine to take care of their child.

Michael Reed Wife
Michael Reed was in a relationship with the radio announcer Lorraine Ashdown before Zoe Ball. (Source: Voice123)

Moreover, after splitting from Lorraine, Reed dated businesswoman Hannah Maynard.

Maynard is a millionaire who lives in a £ 1.5 million home in Chislehurst, Kent.

However, some sources state that their relationship ended badly.

The businesswoman ended the relationship over text and completely stopped Reed from contacting her.

Besides these, the former construction worker has not been linked up with any other figure in public.

Reed maintains privacy on his relationship status and has not revealed if he is seeing anyone else after separating from Zoe Ball.

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