Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint Gilles Le Bigot Edad And Familie Origin

Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint

Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint Gilles Le Bigot: People online have been intrigued by the Canadian television presenter age and family background.

Renowned in Quebec, Canada, Claudine Bourbonnais is a prominent television presenter.

She helms the weekend edition of Le Téléjournal, broadcasted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings on ICI Radio-Canada Télé and RDI.

With a career spanning decades, the presenter embarked on her journey with Société Radio-Canada in 1990, initially in radio roles before transitioning to television.

Co-anchoring morning and midday news programs, she honed her craft beside esteemed broadcasters, including Michel Viens.

Although she ventured into writing with her debut novel in 2014, Bourbonnais remains synonymous with her live broadcasts.

ascent to hosting Le Téléjournal’s weekend editions solidified her status as a Quebecois household name.

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Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint Gilles Le Bigot

Claudine was previously married to the late Gilles Le Bigot, who was the brother of popular radio host Joël Le Bigot.

The two were married for several years before Gilles passed away. She rarely speaks publicly about her former husband or personal life.

The veteran television presenter prefers to keep details about her personal relationships private. Her marriage to Gilles was not widely known or discussed publicly.

Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint
Claudine Bourbonnais conjoint Gilles Le Bigot is the brother of popular radio host Joël Le Bigot. (Source: ledevoir)

The couple tied the knot some years ago and were married until Gilles’ untimely passing.

Bourbonnais has not provided any interviews or statements about her late husband or their time together. She maintains a very low-key personal life outside of her broadcasting career.

Even after Bigot’s death, Claudine Bourbonnais has continued to remain silent regarding her first marriage.

She keeps a separation between her public persona as a prominent journalist and anchor and her private romantic relationships.

Claudine Bourbonnais Edad

Bourbonnais was born on October 9, 1964 in Montreal, Quebec. As of 2024, she is 59 years old.

She has spent most of her life living in Montreal, except for a period when she studied abroad in the UK.

The seasoned broadcaster was born and raised in her hometown of Montreal in the 1960s. She has remained based in the city for most of her personal and professional life.

Claudine briefly left Quebec as a young adult to pursue her master’s degree in the United Kingdom. However, she returned to Montreal after completing her studies overseas.

Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint
Claudine Bourbonnais hosts Le Téléjournal Midi and Téléjournal on RDI and Ici Radio-Canada Télé on weekends. (Source: Radio Canada)

As a Montreal native, the journalist has been able to develop an intimate understanding of the city’s culture, politics, and identity. This has likely served her well as a journalist covering local and provincial affairs.

Now in her late 50s, she has extensive experience reporting on Quebec spanning over three decades of her career.

Despite nearing 60 years old, the television presenter maintains a vigorous broadcasting schedule as host of Le Téléjournal’s weekend editions.

She continues to bring her insightful analysis and coverage of news in her hometown province each week.

Her lifelong connection to Montreal has been an asset over her many years as a prominent television figure in Quebec.

Claudine Bourbonnais Familie Origin

Claudine comes from an accomplished family background. Her father worked as a headhunter, while her mother was employed in the contemporary art scene.

During her youth, she attended the prestigious Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf high school in Montreal.

She went on to study political science at McGill University in Montreal, followed by a master’s degree in contemporary Middle Eastern studies from Durham University in the UK.

The presenter was raised in an educated, cultured household in Montreal. Her parents’ professions exposed her to business, art, and networking from a young age.

Claudine Bourbonnais Conjoint
Claudine Bourbonnais was married to Gilles Le Bigot, who sadly passed away. (Source: lapresse)

She gained admission to the selective French-language Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, an elite high school that set the stage for her bright academic future.

After excelling in political science at McGill, Bourbonnais ventured to the UK to pursue graduate studies focused on the Middle East.

Her educational pedigree from renowned institutions helped pave the way for her broadcasting career back in Quebec. She brought a worldly, informed perspective to her journalism and anchoring.

The presenter’s refined upbringing and studies provided a strong foundation for her decades-long ascent to being a household name television presenter in Montreal and beyond.

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