Michael Cimino Sexuality, Is He Gay? Partner And Net Worth

Michael Cimino Sexuality

American actor Michael Cimino is quite popular among his fans. Michael Cimino Sexuality is also becoming a hot topic of discussion. Please read this article to learn about it further.

Recognized for his performances as Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Home and as Victor Salazar in the Hulu series Love, Victor, a spinoff of the 2018 film Love, Simon, Michael Cimino has established himself as a versatile American actor.

In addition, Michael Cimino has made notable appearances in other productions, such as his role as Brian in No Child Left Behind and Brlayden in Walk the Prank.

The actor’s portfolio also extends to short films, including his appearances in Limitless Potential as Bob and Dog Days as Dej.

Additionally, the actor is a newcomer in the upcoming season of Netflix’s epic teen comedy series, Never Have I Ever.

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Michael Cimino Sexuality, Is He Gay?

Fans are very curious to know about Michael Cimino Sexuality after he played the role of Victor Salazar in the spinoff movie Love, Simon.

Although the Love, Simon actor doesn’t identify as gay; he feels honored to represent the LGBTQ+ community and portray a gay character.

However, the actor was advised not to play gay roles as everyone would think he was gay, and he won’t be able to book anything.

Michael Cimino Sexuality
Michael Cimino identifies as straight. (Source: Instagram)

In a podcast with Josh Smith, the actor responded, “I’m not a traditional ‘masculine’ man, so that would be people trying to force me into something I’m not. Here I am playing a gay role that might not be considered masculine in an outdated idea of masculinity.”

He further added, “Just because someone is in the limelight doesn’t mean that you have to force them to come out and force them to do anything.”

The actor also stressed that pressuring someone to come out or reveal their identity without their consent is highly inappropriate within the LGBT community.

Also, Michael firmly believes that the decision to come out should be left entirely to the individual, allowing them to choose the right time to share their truth with the world.

Michael Cimino Partner

From the information available on his Instagram, it appears that Michael Cimino is not publicly involved in a romantic relationship at the moment.

Although his current relationship status is unknown to the public, the actor was in a relationship with a popular YouTuber, Mava Gómez.

Michael Cimino Sexuality
Michael Cimino is reportedly single as of 2023. (Source: Instagram)

They shared a few pictures on Instagram; the lovely pair has not been publicly seen together since March 24, 2019.

He still has pictures of Mava on his social media, where he even left a comment saying, “She was a huge part of my life. I’m not just going to erase her and act like she never happened.”

Mava Gomez began uploading videos on YouTube in 2015 and steadily gained popularity on the platform and on Instagram by 2020.

In 2018, Mava Gomez and Michael Cimino began dating, and their relationship became evident when they started featuring on each other’s Instagram profiles at the beginning of 2019.

Michael Crimino Net Worth 

Cimino has well-established himself at a very young age. The net worth of the 24-year-old actor is said to be approximately 1.1 million dollars.

Undoubtedly, the show Love, Simon propelled Michael’s career to new heights and gave them tremendous success in its inaugural season.

As viewers eagerly immerse themselves in the unfolding of season two, witnessing Victor Salazar’s official coming out to his family, it becomes evident that the actor possesses a promising future in the industry.

Michael Cimino Sexuality
Michael Cimino net worth is said to be 1.1 million dollars. (Source: Instagram)

Although the specific details of his per-episode salary are undisclosed to the public, it is evident that Michael Cimino is earning a significant income from Hulu, and rightfully so.

Fortunately for him, his value is bound to rise even further. He has also recently associated himself with the series Never Have I Ever, so his net worth is rising higher and higher.

Moreover, his other sources of income include modelling, brand promotions and business ventures.

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