Will Ferrell Family: Meet Wife Viveca Paulin And Kids Magnus And Mattias Paulin Ferrell

Will Ferrell Family

Introducing the hilarious and heartwarming Will Ferrell family: a family of funny, talented, and charming individuals who share their father’s sense of humor and love for laughter.

Will Ferrell, whose full name is John William Ferrell, is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer who first gained recognition as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 1995 to 2002. 

He is known for his spontaneous and character-based comedy, and he has developed a wide range of comedic roles during his career.

Ferrell has received several award nominations for his performances, including an Emmy Award nomination for SNL and three Golden Globe Award nominations for his acting in “The Producers”, “Stranger than Fiction”, and his producing work on “Vice”.

Overall, Will Ferrell is a highly regarded and influential figure in the world of comedy, known for his memorable characters and unique brand of humor.

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Will Ferrell Family

Will Ferrell is a beloved comedian and actor known for his hilarious performances on-screen.

However, off-screen, he has a loving and close-knit family. Will Ferrell is married to Viveca Paulin, whom he met at an acting class in 1995. The couple tied the knot in 2000 and has three sons together.

Despite being a public figure, Ferrell and his wife have chosen to keep their children out of the spotlight.

However, Ferrell has shared stories about his sons, showcasing their sense of humor and personality traits that they seem to have inherited from him. 

Will Ferrell Family
Will Ferrell with his family at an award function (Source: Hollywood Life)

While Ferrell jokes about parenting and the chaos that comes with raising boys, he emphasizes the importance of family time and the love shared within the household.

It’s clear that Ferrell values his role as a father and cherishes the moments spent with his wife and children.

Overall, the Ferrell family is a loving and laughter-filled unit, with Will Ferrell as both a devoted father and a comedic role model for his sons.

Meet Will Ferrell Wife: Viveca Paulin

Viveca Paulin is the wife of actor and comedian Will Ferrell. Born on April 24, 1969, in Askim, Sweden, Viveca Paulin is an accomplished art auctioneer and philanthropist.

She moved to the United States to study art history at Pomona College in California, where she met Ferrell in an acting class in 1995. The couple got married in 2000 and have three sons together.

Viveca Paulin has preferred to stay out of the limelight, focusing on her career and family life. She has worked as an art auctioneer at prestigious art galleries, including Bonhams & Butterfields in Los Angeles.

Will Ferrell Family
A picture of Will Ferrell with his wife, Viveca while they were young (Source: People)

Alongside her professional pursuits, Paulin has been involved in charitable endeavors and has supported causes such as cancer research.

Known for her understated and private nature, Viveca Paulin has been a reliable presence in Ferrell’s life, providing love and support throughout his successful career.

Will Ferrell Kids: Magnus, Mattias, and Axel

Will Ferrell and his wife, Viveca Paulin, are proud parents to three sons: Magnus, Mattias, and Axel. Despite their father’s fame as a comedian and actor, the couple prefers to keep their children out of the spotlight.

However, glimpses into their family life have revealed that the boys have inherited their father’s sense of humor.

Magnus, the eldest son, is described as subtly funny and has a knack for pulling off clever pranks. He shares his father’s love for music and enjoys playing the keyboard. Magnus has even performed on stage with his dad during a live gig.

Will Ferrell Family
Will Ferrell brought his three young kids onstage with him to present the awards at the Emmys (Source: Us Weekly)

Mattias, the middle child, appreciates humor but also values storytelling. He sometimes requests his father to stay focused on the story rather than his comedic voice.

The youngest, Axel, brings a playful energy to the family. Will Ferrell enjoys embarrassing his children, and Axel is no exception. He is known to don his underpants at dinner to warn his misbehaving sons.

Despite their father’s fame, the family values privacy and cherishes their time together.

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