Mesut Ozil Religion – Is He Muslim? Ethnicity And Parents

Mesut Ozil Religion

Mesut Ozil Religion has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious to know if he is Muslim. Find more about his ethnicity and family from the article. 

Mesut Ozil is a former professional footballer from Germany who played as an attacking midfielder. He was known for his technical skills, creativity, and passing ability.

He has achieved success at both club and international levels. He won several titles, including a La Liga title with Real Madrid and three FA Cups with Arsenal.

Ozil retired from professional football in 2023 after his stint with Istanbul Basaksehir.

It is known that he is a Muslim and recites verses from the Holy Quran before his matches.

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Mesut Ozil Religion – Is He Muslim?

Mesut Ozil is a Muslim, he was born and raised in Germany. Ozil has openly embraced his Islamic faith and has been known to recite verses from the Holy Quran before matches.

His religious beliefs and practices are integral to his identity and personal life.

Ozil’s faith has been a source of inspiration and strength for him throughout his career. He has been vocal about his religious practices and has expressed gratitude to Allah for his success in football.

Mesut Ozil Religion
Mesut Ozil praying before his games show his faith in Allah (Source: Facebook)

His dedication to his faith is noticeable in his actions, such as repeating prayers and maintaining a solid connection to his religious community.

As a Muslim athlete, Özil has faced both support and criticism for his beliefs and practices. He has used his platform to promote tolerance, understanding, and unity among people of different backgrounds and religions

Which Ethnicity Does Mesut Ozil Belong To?

Mesut Ozil’s ethnicity is Turkish. While he was born and raised in Germany, his parents are Turkish immigrants.

His family is from Turkey, specifically from the town of Zonguldak, and they migrated to Germany as Gastarbeiter (guest workers) in search of better opportunities.

As a result, Ozil grew up in a Turkish cultural background and was influenced by his Turkish heritage.

Ozil’s ethnicity has played a significant role in shaping his identity and has been a source of his pride. He has often embraced his Turkish roots and has been vocal about his connection to his heritage.

Mesut Ozil Religion
Mesut Ozil hugging his team-mate after the victory (Source: Instagram)

The footballer is fluent in Turkish, along with German, English, and Spanish, showcasing his cultural diversity.

Throughout his career, he has represented Germany at the international level and has made significant contributions to German football.

However, his Turkish ethnicity has also been controversial, especially during his involvement in the Turkish political sphere.

Nonetheless, his ethnicity remains an integral part of his identity and has helped him connect with fans and supporters from both Germany and Turkey.

Mesut Ozil Parents

Mesut Ozil was born to parents Mustafa Ozil and Gulizar Ozil. His father, Mustafa, used to be his manager during his early career. However, their relationship became weakened after his parent’s divorce.

Despite their challenges, Mesut has spoken positively about his mother, Gulizar, and credited her for supporting him throughout his football journey.

Not much information is available about Mesut’s parents, as he tends to keep his personal life private. After the separation from his father, Mesut’s brother, Mutlu Özil, took over as his manager.

Mesut Ozil Religion
Mesut Ozil wishes all the mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

Mutlu played a crucial role in guiding Mesut’s career and handling his professional affairs.

While Mesut’s relationship with his father may have had its difficulties, he maintains a close bond with his mother and siblings.

Although Mesut has achieved great success in his football career, his parents and family have played a significant role in shaping his journey and supporting him along the way.

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