Mesut Ozil Net Worth, Career & Charity

Mesut Ozil surrounded by media with a World cup trophy in his hand after a sweet victory over Argentina in 2014.

Mesut Ozil, a German footballer (soccer player), has a net worth of a staggering $120 million as of 2024.

Mesut is regarded as one of the most inventive and brilliant players in the world of football, having succeeded at both the club and international levels.

He began his career in the German Bundesliga and went on to play for Real Madrid before joining Arsenal.

Despite immediately establishing himself as one of Arsenal’s most important players, his form deteriorated, and he was eventually forced to sit on the bench for an extended period of time.

Mesut Ozil has had tremendous success as a member of the German national team outside of his club career.

Ozil has won a number of prestigious international awards, including the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Mesut Ozil's profile image.
Mesut Ozil’s profile image. (Source: Marca)

Mesut Ozil is a highly versatile player who can both create and finish goal-scoring opportunities.

He is primarily used as an attacking midfielder, but he can also play on the wing.

Despite his inclination to wander to the wing as a central midfielder, Ozil’s position is frequently difficult to define, with some commentators labeling him a “false 10” because of his ability to drift to the wing as a playmaker.

Most importantly, he is respected for his unshakable intelligence, which allows him to spot chances that others miss.

Quick Facts

So, let’s get to know Mesut Ozil a little better, starting with some basic facts about him.

Name Mesut Ozil
Birthplace  Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Birthdate 15 October 1988
Age 35 years old
Nationality  German
Ethnicity  Turkish
Religion  Islam
Father’s Name Mustafa Ozil
Mother’s Name Gulizar Ozil
Siblings  Yes – 3
School N/A
College N/A
Profession Footballer
Nickname Mesut Ozil
Height In Centimetres – 182 cm
In Feet and Inches – 5′ 11″
Weight  In Kilograms – 76 Kg
In Pounds – 170 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Libra
Net worth  $120 million
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Marital status Married
Spouse Amine Gülşe Ozil
Children Eda Ozil
Social Media  Facebook, InstagramTwitterYoutube
Last Update June, 2024

Mesut Ozil: Net Worth and Income

Mesut Ozil- Net Worth

The net worth of  Mesut Ozil, a German footballer (soccer player) is estimated to be a staggering $120 million as of 2024.

He was reputedly earning £18 million a year at Arsenal before joining Fenerbahce.

Ozil was not just recognized for his income but also for being at the center of many historic occasions for this team, including the three FA Cup final victories.

Despite the fact that Ozil had his own reasons for leaving the team in early 2021, it was widely assumed that things had gone against him because he was not named in his manager Mikel Arteta’s Premier League or Europa League squads.

Furthermore, since March, Ozil was not selected for any of the 2020 games.

After joining Fenerbahce, Ozil takes a pay decrease of more than £300,000 per week.

Ozil will also be paid a signing bonus of €550,000 (£488,000) and will receive a total of €9 million (£8 million) over three years.

Interestingly, it was reported that Arsenal is still paying 90% of Mesut’s salary despite the fact that he has already transferred to his boyhood club, Fenerbahce.

You can imagine how hard he has worked for Arsenal and how well he has been known within the club.

Mesut Ozil- Net Income

The German player had recently signed a new long-term contract with Arsenal, which dramatically raised his salary and guaranteed his future with the English club until 2021.

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil in the middle of a game (Source: Pinterest)

Apart from bonuses, Ozil earns a yearly salary of $24.4 million, which translates to $470,000 per week in basic weekly compensation.

He is presently the Premier League’s second-highest earner, with Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez topping the list with a new weekly wage of $668,000.


Mesut Ozil joined Arsenal for 42.5 million pounds in 2013.

In 2017, he agreed to a three-year contract deal with the organization, bringing his annual base salary from $12 million to $24 million.

That earns him a spot among the top ten highest-paid soccer players in the world.

Later, as an Arsenal player, he famously refused to take a wage cut, infuriating fans.

Mesut Ozil: Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at the Net Worth of Mesut Ozil in several currencies, including BitCoin, the cryptocurrency.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 102,752,880
Pound Sterling £ 88,014,000
Australian Dollar A$ 165,585,720
Canadian Dollar C$ 151,862,400
Indian Rupee ₹ 8,885,220,000
BitCoin ฿ 2,879

Mesut Ozil: House, Cars, Private Jet


Mesut Ozil and his vast net worth allow him to live a lavish life.

The German playmaker, who reportedly refused to take a pay reduction on his £350,000-per-week salaries because of a pandemic, now lives in a spectacular £10 million property in North London.

Mesut completed a variety of changes after purchasing the six-bedroom, three-story property.

To adorn his living room, he bought marble from Turkey, and he built a home cinema in which he could play hours of FIFA video game.

Mesut owns two esports teams, one of which competes in the EA Sports league and the other of which competes in Fortnite.

Mesut Ozil's stunning huge house in London, United Kingdom.
Mesut Ozil’s house in London, United Kingdom (Source: VirtualGlobetrotting)


The world-class footballer is known for his personal style and love of automobiles.

Let’s look at Ozil’s collection of cars.


While Ozil’s Turkish ancestry is apparent, he is a fan of Mercedes Benz automobiles.

His favorite vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, which costs roughly £143,305.

Then there’s his £183,000 S65 AMG, which is driven by a 6.0-liter V12 engine with 621 brake horsepower and is twin-turbocharged.

It’s a roomy coupe that can reach 62 mph in 4.1 seconds and is stylish, thanks to its elegant design.


Ozil also has an SLS AMG two-door supercar (£165,030) that’s been in his collection since 2014.

It can go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and achieve a top speed of 196 mph.

It was originally dubbed “the greatest car in the world” by Jeremy Clarkson.

Mesut Ozil photographed himself with his favourite car, SLS AMG, worth £183,000.
Mesut Ozil photographed with his car, SLS AMG, worth £183,000 (Source: Twitter)

Ozil has also been photographed driving a Ferrari 458 Italia worth over £200k, a £120k Porsche Panamera Turbo, and other Audis, including a Q7 (beginning at £52,075) and an RS5 (roughly £62,740) over the years.

Private Jet

According to sources, Mesut also possesses a private airplane.

Mesut Ozil was spotted napping on a private flight with his pet pug following Arsenal’s FA Cup victory in Islington on May 31, 2015.

He rushed to the airport after some sort of celebration and boarded his private jet with his favorite dog.

Mesut Ozil: Lifestyle & Vacation


Trust us when we say that the phrases “opulent” and “luxurious” don’t begin to depict his genuine, regal lifestyle.

After his £42.5 million departure from Real Madrid, the Arsenal playmaker repurchased his Hampstead mansion in 2016.

Mesut’s estate is decked out in Turkish marble, features a massive home theater and a trainer collection that includes multiple pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boots and Louboutins.

Mesut says his favorite room is this large space with the extended couch. This room is, of course, inspired by Turkish ancestors.

A painting of the Ottoman Sultan who captured Istanbul is also required in the living room.

FIFA Room & Obsession for Trainer

Mesut has also placed his brand’s emblem on the walkway leading to his home cinema and playroom (where he plays FIFA with his friends).

Apart from football, Ozil is also known for his vast trainer and accessory collection.

He owns eight pairs of Adidas Yeezy trainers, totaling almost $1700, from Kanye West’s highly sought-after collection.

Mesut also owns a pair of laceless Adidas ace 17+ Purecontrol boots, a symbol of the revolution he helped to bring about.

His boot collection also includes an £865 pair of gold-studded Louboutins.

And the headset he owns, which was created in collaboration with Balmain retail, is roughly $600.


In March 2020, Mesut Ozil became the father of a daughter.

Mesut Ozil, a professional soccer player, is relishing his new role as a father. As Oil informed his admirers on Instagram, the “first trip with my little princess” is approaching.

Mesut Ozil enjoying his vacation with his fiance (Source: FootTheBall)

He also shared a photo of himself in a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals in front of a stroller with his daughter Eda, who is only a few months old.

MesutOl Campaign, Book Publication, Media and Sponsorship

MesutOl Campaign

Fenerbahce faced financial difficulties paying for Ozil.

That’s why they started a drive to ask their fans to contribute to Mesut’s wage by donating money to the club.

It was essentially an SMS campaign aimed at breaking the record for the most text messages received from his followers, maybe exceeding a million.

The SMS messages in this campaign will be forwarded to the number 1907, which is the year Fenerbahce was founded.

Book Publication

Mesut’s autobiography, The Magic of the Game/ Gunning for Greatness, was published in 2017.

He has revealed the inner stories of his friendship with Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger in his book.

Mesut has also spoken about his efforts to assist the under-fire Frenchman in regaining Arsenal’s dominance.

He’s also detailed his lifestyle before earning a reputation for himself, as well as the prejudice he’s suffered as a result of being born to Turkish parents in German territory.

Media and Sponsorship

Long run with Adidas

Mesut accepted a reported £22 million offer from Adidas in 2013 to represent the Swoosh for the Three Stripes, which was not exactly a popular trend at the moment.

Mesut became the most important personality for the German brand in marketing campaigns that introduced the laceless revolution Adidas Purecontrol Ace 16 and later resurrected the Predator, seemingly out of nowhere.

When Mesut and Adidas split ways in 2020, he said that he planned to start his own brand, M10. It would also give him the freedom to dress as he pleases in the future.

Despite this, they had a long and prosperous 8-year adventure together.

Everyone who worked for Adidas knew that the contract would not be extended as Mesut built his own brand. Everything happened in accordance with the deal.

Mesut also got featured in one of the 2015 advertisements titled “Create Your Own Game.”

M-10 brand

According to, Mesut Ozil revealed his goals after the 2014 World Cup when asked where he wanted to be in the next five years.

As a result, he realized that he needed to collaborate with top designers and people.

Then life happened; Mesut and his agent, Erkut Sogut, met James Bond, the owner of the sneaker business “Undefeated.”

Together they launched their M10 brand to the general public.

In addition, James frequently urged him to keep the product simple and straightforward, focusing on small quantities of caps and t-shirts while testing the mainstream market.

And, guess what? Everything was sold out within the first hour of the launch. Players like Sergio Ramos and Jerome Boateng wore M10 caps to promote the brand.

In reality, Mesut has declared that advertising his own brand will not meet his financial needs.

Instead, all earnings will be donated to charities because he is aware that he does not require money. He wishes to return it.

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In 2005, Ozil was accepted into Schalke 04’s youth academy. He was an offensive midfielder for FC Schalke 04, wearing the number 17 shirt.

Werder Bremen, a German Football Association team, headquartered in the state of Bremen in northwest Germany, agreed to pay Mesut the astronomical sums he asked.

He agreed to a three-year contract with the club.

Mesut Ozil joined Real Madrid from Werder Bremen in 2010 for a huge transfer fee of over €15 million.

He made his Real Madrid debut against Hercules, which his team easily defeated.

Mesut Ozil was a key figure in Germany’s World Cup victory in 2014. The match ended in a 1-0 victory for Germany.

Mesut Ozil with a World cup trophy in his hand after victory over Argentina in 2014.
Mesut Ozil with a World cup trophy in his hand (Source: Twitter)

Mesut scored his first goal against Manchester United in the 2015-16 season, which Arsenal won 3-0.

His third season at Arsenal ended with 20 assists and eight goals, earning him the title of “Arsenal Player of the Season.”


Ozil’s supporters must be aware that he is a generous man who never shields away from donating to a worthy cause.

Mesut Ozil is known to spend a significant portion of his net worth to feed over 100,000 destitute individuals in roughly 16 refugee camps across Turkey and Syria.

The German footballer has recently made news for his insistence on receiving his entire salary.

Ozil refused a 12.5% pay cut on his £350,000 (equivalent to 168 million) weekly salaries.

As a result, he drew a lot of flak for refusing to take a pay cut during the coronavirus pandemic’s testing period

He gave his $329,000 prize money to the BigShoe project after winning the World Cup in 2014.

This sum of money was used to assist 23 sick Brazilian youngsters in receiving medical treatment.

Well, it was his thoughtful gesture to express gratitude to the Brazilian people for their hospitality.

Mesut visited the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan in May 2016, just two years after 80,000 people were uprooted by the Syrian civil conflict.

Mesut created a fun atmosphere during the camp by playing with the youngsters, signing autographs, and handing out football tees.

Celebrating his big day with children

Mesut has a unique method of commemorating his birthday.

After getting married in June 2019, he paid for 1000 youngsters to have surgery. This was not the end of it.

Mesut stated that this was his wedding present to the world. In addition, on the same day, he fed 100,000 homeless individuals in Turkey and Syria at 16 refugee camps and shelters.

Mesut volunteered to help make a child cancer patient’s wish come true.

Mesut teamed up with the charity My Shining Star in 2017 and invited the youngster, Charlie, to his private box and the player’s lounge during the game against Sunderland at Emirates Stadium.

Donation of $100,000 to Muslims

Yes, according to sources, Mesut once again demonstrated his compassion by contributing $100,000 to Muslims during Ramadan and the continuing coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

Through the Turkish Red Crescent, the donation will provide assistance to about 16000 Muslims who are fasting during daytime hours.

In addition, 2000 food (iftar) packages were provided to families across Syria and Turkey, where the violence has displaced thousands of people. In addition, 90,000 food parcels were delivered to Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital.

Interesting Facts About Mesut Ozil

  • Although the former Arsenal footballer was born and raised in Germany, his parents are Turkish immigrants who later relocated to Germany.
  • Mesut is a devout Muslim who, as part of his daily routine, recites several verses from the holy Quran before each match.
  • The most incredible fact about Ozil is that he has never lost a game for Arsenal or Real Madrid when he scores a goal.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese footballer, holds him in high regard. When Ronaldo heard that Ozil had signed with Arsenal, he was overjoyed.
  • Mesut is multilingual, speaking Turkish, German, English, and Spanish.
  • When Ozil was nominated for The Golden Ball Award at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, he shone like stars in the sky.
  • When Arsenal had to lay off their mascot dinosaur, Gunnersaurus, due to Covid, Ozil offered to pay his full salary as long as he remains in the club.


Is Mesut Ozil a reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari?

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the famed Ferrari automobile brand, died in 1988. Mesut Ozil, a German soccer player, was born one month after he died. There appears to be a family connection between the two men, but there isn’t one.

Is Ozil a believer?

Before each match, he prays from the Quran.

He revealed in an interview with the Daily Star, “I usually recite from the Quran before I go out” (on the pitch). This is a great way for me to stay focused. I pray, and my teammates are aware that they will not be able to communicate with me at this time.

Is Ozil a tattooed man?

Ozil has had a tattoo on his left shoulder ever since he joined Arsenal. And, until Germany’s match, few people had seen it in its entirety. Ozil has a large lion tattooed on his upper arm, which he likes a lot. The Lion is roaring loudly, with the words “Only God can judge me” printed beneath it.

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