Mehgan James Plastic Surgery Nose Job And Botox Before And After

Mehgan James plastic surgery

Mehgan James Plastic Surgery made her whole appearance unrecognizable. Fans immediately suspected her of having some cosmetic procedure done on her face after her before and after photos surfaced on the Internet. 

Mehgan James is a well-known reality TV star. Her birthdate is February 11, 1990, and she grew up in Houston, Texas.

Her magnetic charm and bold personality earned her the nickname “the Texas temptation.” Her fans were captivated by her curvy figure and alluring looks.

James made her television debut in 2008. She appeared on “50 Cent: The Money and The Power,” a reality show hosted by the iconic rapper 50 Cent.

Moreover, Mehgan participated in the small screen for “Bad Girls Club: All-Stars Battle.” This competition brought the former cast members together to battle.

The year 2021 saw Mehgan stepping into a new venture with the reality TV series “Notorious Queens.”She joined forces with three others in this show, leaving behind their notorious past.

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Mehgan James Plastic Surgery Is Real

In recent times, fans have noticed changes in James’s appearance. Her looks on episode 4 of Basketball Wives L. A fueled the speculation.

Mehgan James plastic surgery
Mehgan James plastic surgery appears more distinct in New York Fashion Week. (Source: Bossip)

Mehgan James plastic surgery is indeed accurate. The reality star openly admitted to undergoing liposuction on her stomach and transferring the fat to her buttocks.

The person behind this transformation is DR. M from Rodes Surgical Art. He is a plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills.

Moreover, Dr. M offers a range of procedures, including butt lifts and breast augmentations. He did the plastic surgery on Mehgan.

The star’s transformation did not stop there. Observant fans have noticed alterations in her facial features, particularly a more pointed chin.

Despite questions circulating on social media about her changing looks, Mehgan seems unapologetic about her choice to undergo surgery.

This is not the first time “The Texas Temptation” has chosen a body transformation. Back in 2018, she worked on shrinking her waistline.

James’s willingness to embrace changes through surgical means is quite bold. However, there were diverse opinions on her recent facial transition.

There are viral videos on YouTube and TikTok about the celebrities who have had the worst plastic surgery. And many videos have Mehgan James on their list.

Her altered looks have made her look quite different. Mnay prefers her looks from back in the golden years of her career.

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Mehgan James Before And After Photos

Mehgan has often been in the headlines for her relationship rumors. Nevertheless, her before and after photos came into the spotlight this time.

Mehgan James Plastic surgery
Mehgan James’ before and after photos show the difference in her looks. (Source: Reddit)

The Television star had a round face and a different body shape before plastic surgery. However, her stomach became flat after her procedure, and her buttocks looked fuller.

Notably, her chin became more defined, making her look slightly different. It appears that the reality figure had liposuction and fat transfer.

Her admirers also suspected her of having a Nose job and Botox. These changes and transitions have sparked curiosity online.

The TV icon has not revealed whether she had undergone anything done to her face. She often steals the spotlight wherever she goes.

Her fame and popularity have both perks and cons. Fans have mixed reactions to her new looks and style.

Many have supported her right to do whatever she wants to do in her life. On the contrary, many have disapproved of her choice of going under the knife.

People often discuss her new looks, raising questions about her transformation. It has made Mehgan a topic of interest in the online community.

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