Cheyenne Floyd Accident, Sued For Car Collision Amid Shooting

Cheyenne Floyd Accident

Cheyenne Floyd Accident two years ago in Los Angeles, where she and her family were shot at while driving, left them traumatized and dealing with ongoing legal challenges as they seek justice.

Cheyenne Floyd is a well-known reality television personality. She joined the reality television series “Teen Moms”.

The show “Teen Moms” originally started as a spin-off of “16 and Pregnant”. It focuses on young mothers’ lives as they navigate motherhood’s challenges.

Cheyenne joined the show during the seventh season. Moreover, she brought her unique experience and story to the series.

In addition to her television career, Floyd is a clothing designer. She has a fitness wear line called The RUU, where she designs workout clothes and accessories.

Furthermore, The reality star is deeply involved in charity work through her website, Rage Regardless Ry. The profit from the site goes towards supporting individuals with health conditions.

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Cheyenne Floyd Accident

Cheyenne Floyd accident in which her family was fired upon. The incident left a lasting emotional impact on her and her loved ones.

Cheyenne Floyd Accident
Cheyenne Floyd Accident caused her family trauma; her vehicle with kids and husband was shot 13 times. (Source: YouTube)

The Teen Mom star drove to Los Angeles with her husband Zach and children. A man fired 13 shots at their vehicle.

Recently, Cheyenne and Zach learned that the person responsible for the shooting insisted on going to trial. The culprit had already rejected a plea deal.

The star expressed her frustration. She said she would have preferred a plea deal if the person responsible received a sentence of more than 20 years.

Nonetheless, teh news that teh trial was moving forward deeply affected Floyd. She could not understand why the person dragged the case when they knew they were guilty.

Moreover, The TV star was emotional and upset about the trial. She expressed her anger at the situation.

This incident and its aftermath have taken a significant toll on the celebrity. She expressed her doubts about being mentally prepared for the trial.

Besides, the reality TV sensation mentioned that hurtful social media comments added to her emotional distress.

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Cheyenne Floyd Sued For Car Collision Amid Shooting 

The television sensation Cheyenne is facing a lawsuit. A man claims that she crashed into his car, causing him injuries after a gunman opened fire on her vehicle.

Cheyenne Floyd Accident
Cheyenne Floyd Accident is in the headline as the Culprit insists on going on trial. (Source: Starcasm)

According to the lawsuit, the man was waiting at a red light. Mrs. Cheyenne’s vehicle rear-ended his car.

This incident happened in Los Angeles in August 2021. It resulted in injuries to the prosecutor.

The accusation alleges that the reality show star and the alleged gunman unlawfully operated their vehicle. It led to a collision, causing injuries and damage to the plaintiff.

Furthermore, The Accuser is seeking $ 25000 in damages. The compensation includes wage loss, property damage, medical expenses, and other damages.

In response to the claims, Cheyenne and her husband, Zach, denied all teh allegations in the complaint.

The couple previously talked about their traumatic experience in the MTV series. They revealed that a gunman opened fire on their car.

They described the incident as a frightening experience. The pair thanked their luck for being alive after such an incident.

The duo is currently in a legal battle with teh alleged shooter. They have faced rumors of making up the story for ratings.

Nonetheless, Cheyenne’s partner refused those false claims. The two emphasize that they would never do such a thing as plotting an attack plan.

On top of that, Mr. Zach mentioned that such incidents are not uncommon in Los Angeles. Illegal events like this often go unreported.

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