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Jane Hutcheon Husband

Who is Jane Hutcheon Husband? Continue reading as we spark light onto the lesser-known husband of the presenter of ABC News 24’s and host of the interview program One Plus One. 

Jane Hutcheon has been a familiar face on TV screens for more than 25 years having known to start since 1995 as a China reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

She was born and reared in Hong Kong, and she has long been an intimate watcher of China. She learns along the way that actual China is intense, hilarious, cynical, and quite sometimes weird.

Moreover, Hutcheon used to host the ABC television program World at Noon, and she is now the network’s Middle East reporter located in Jerusalem. Jane’s personal journey through China is chronicled in her book From Rice to Riches, which offers frank insights into China’s seismic change. 

She is also known for interviewing world leaders, CEOs, mavericks, freedom fighters, and justice-seekers, reporting on 9/11, the Iraq War, London Bombings, Hurricane Katrina, and many more.

Nonetheless, Jane has tried to mark herself as one of the private people in the industry. Continue reading as we deep dive into knowing Jane Hutcheon Husband.

Jane Hutcheon Husband

Jane is used to reporting on other people’s lives and being in the spotlight. She is, nevertheless, a very secretive person when it comes to her own private life.

Despite rumors regarding her romantic life, Jane has never been married.

Moreover, She rarely talks about her romances or dating life in interviews or other public settings since she prefers to keep her personal life and professional life separate.

The journalist’s attention is still on her work, and she continues to report with the utmost expertise and dedication to her viewers.

Jane’s mother was half-Chinese and her father, Robin Hutcheon, was Anglo-Celtic. (Source: Facebook)

Nonetheless, a site, suggests Jane is married to Michael, a cameraman by profession, and she has one child with him, a daughter named Isla.

However, there is no solid proof to that support that the information is actually true. So the fans are left to question themselves, “Who is Jane Hutcheon Husband?”

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Jane Hutcheon Wikipedia Bio

Jane started her career in the journalism field in 1994. Jane was a national finance correspondent for ABC TV News, reporting on major economic and business events.

Since then she has been linked with numerous communication companies including One Plus One (ABC TV), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and so on.

Jane is an active figure on FaceBook with more than 7500 followers. (Source: Facebook)

Jane speaks Mandarin and Cantonese and has extensive travel experience in Asia.

Apart from that she is renowned to have worked as a communication adviser, moderator, speaker, director, panelist, etc.

Jane Hutcheon Children And Age

Jane Hutcheon is a private person due to which her children and her age are still unknown to the public.

Multi-talented Jane Hutcheon has established a reputation for herself as a writer, performer, and creator. She started her own communications business, Jane Hutcheon Communications, where she works independently.

Jane has committed her skills and knowledge to providing high-quality communication services to people and organizations in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, since September 2019.

Jane Hutcheon
Jane was excited to be part of the world premiere of David Suchet: Poirot & More, A Retrospective. (Source: Facebook)

Multi-talented as a singer, author, and creator, Jane Hutcheon has made a name for herself. She established Jane Hutcheon Communications, a communications firm where she works alone. Since September 2019, Jane has committed her knowledge and abilities to offer high-quality communication services to people and organizations in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

We will update the site if we get any information regarding Jane Hutcheon Husband, their kids, and their ages.

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