Meet Charles Metcalf Wife Abby Rose, Age Children And Dating Timeline

Charles Metcalf

People are curious to know about Charles Metcalf wife. Continue reading the article to find more details about his family.

Charles Metcalf is a highly esteemed executive pastor who plays a vital role in the dynamic spiritual landscape of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With an illustrious career spanning several years, he assumed the position of Lead Pastor in February 2015.

Metcalf started his journey as a pastor at 23 when he started his church and became the lead preacher. But a strange thing God did make him decide to do something that would change his life.

In response to a clear calling from the Lord, he humbly decided to close his church and join the Transformation Church, which has produced remarkable outcomes ever since.

By embracing this new direction, Metcalf has merged his exceptional talents, spiritual wisdom, and passion for guiding others toward personal transformation.

Meet Charles Metcalf Wife Abby Rose

The executive pastor Charles is happily married to Abby Rosy, an Instagram star renowned for her uplifting content centered around her family.

With an impressive following of over 70,000 devoted fans on her instagram account, Abby has captivated audiences with her inspirational messages.

As a devout Christian, she utilizes her platform to promote the values and teachings of the Transformation Church.

Charles Metcalf Wife
Charles Metcalf wife is Abby Rose. (Source: Instagram)

Beyond her online presence, Abby has found a passion for photography, specializing in capturing precious moments for families and brands alike. Her keen eye and creative skills have made her a sought-after professional in this field.

Additionally, Abby collaborates closely with the talented creative team at Transformation Church, where her husband serves as a pastor. Together, they contribute their expertise to enhance the church’s visual aesthetics and create engaging content that resonates with the congregation and online community.

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Charles Metcalf Age Children

Meet Pastor Charles and his wife Abby, proud parents of four beautiful children. Their fourth child was born in March, and Abby couldn’t help but share their joy on Instagram, captioning a photo with, “We’re all in a newborn haze over here.”

The Metcalf family consists of Arlo Phoenix, Luna Rose, Jade October, and their latest bundle of joy, Blue Sunday.

Charles Metcalf family
Charles Metcalf spending time with his wife and children (Source: Instagram)

This tight-knit family cherishes every moment they spend together. Charles and Abby often share precious snapshots of their children on social media, capturing the love and happiness that radiates within their household.

Metcalfs are avid adventurers who love to explore new places and create lasting memories with their loved ones. From family vacations to intimate gatherings, they prioritize carving out quality time for each other.

Charles Metcalf Dating Timeline

The dating history of Charles, the executive pastor of Transformation Church, remains a mystery as no details are available about his previous relationships. But he’s been happily married to Abby, the love of his life, for a long time.

Charles Metcalf
Pastor Charles in session two of the Conference at Transformation Church (Source: Instagram)

Together, they have built a beautiful family, blessed with four children. Charles takes immense pride in his wife and often fondly recalls the cherished memories they have created together.

While little is known about Charles’ romantic past before meeting Abby, his love and devotion towards his wife are undeniable. Abby holds a special place in his heart, and he constantly expresses his affection for her.

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