Maxxine Dupri Husband, Is She Married To Boyfriend Anthony Luke? Age And Wiki

Maxxine Dupri

Maxxine Dupri, WWE SmackDown valet, has been in the spotlight for her performances. But what about her personal life? Is she married? Who is Maxxine Dupri Husband?

Maxxine Dupri is a WWE superstar who manages a faction of fashionable male models called Maximum Male Models.

She debuted on SmackDown in July 2022 as the sister of LA Knight, formerly known as Max Dupri.

Dupri took over his role as the Director of Talent for Maximum Male Models, which consists of Mån.soor and Ma.cé, two international models who bring glamour and style to WWE.

Maxxine has a background in cheerleading and fashion design and owns her clothing line, Jaunty.

Despite the private lives of most WWE stars being kept away from the public eye, Maxxine has been open about sharing updates and events off-screen on social media.

Maxxine Dupri Husband – Is She Married To Boyfriend Anthony Luke?

The answer is no, she is not married to Anthony Luke, at least not yet.  Although no official information is available regarding Maxxine’s wedding or marital status, it is worth noting that she has not publicly announced that she is married.

While Maxxine and Anthony Luke are indeed in a relationship, there is no information indicating that they have gotten married.

Maxxine Dupri Husband
Maxxine Dupri with her boyfriend Anthony. (Source: Instagram)

As an influential figure in the WWE, Maxxine has been open about sharing updates and events from her personal life on social media.

However, she has not made any public announcements about tying the knot or being married.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Maxxine Dupri’s marital status remains undisclosed, and any claims suggesting she is married should be treated as mere speculation.

For now, fans can appreciate Maxxine Dupri’s success in her professional career, applauding her captivating presence in the WWE and her role as the Director of Talent for the Maximum Male Models faction.

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Maxxine Dupri age – how old is she?

Maxxine Dupri was born Sydney Zmrzel on May 19, 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona.  She is  27 years old as of 2024.

Dupri signed with WWE after a successful tryout in Las Vegas and debuted on the main roster as Maxxine Dupri, a name inspired by her brother’s former ring name Max Dupri. 

Maxxine Dupri took over his role as the Director of Talent for Maximum Male Models, a group that brings the latest fashion trends to WWE.

Maxxine Dupri is one of the most intriguing additions to the SmackDown roster. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Maxxine Dupri Wikipedia explored

Maxxine Dupri is a professional valet in WWE SmackDown. She debuted in July 2022 and serves as the Director of Talent for Maximum Male Models alongside her clients ma. cé and mån.soor.

Prior to her wrestling career, Maxxine had a background in cheerleading, modeling, and fashion design. She worked as a cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns and the LA Rams before entering the world of professional wrestling.

Maxxine Dupri
Maxxine Dupri was a cheerleader before her WWE career. (Source: Instagram)

She is also the founder of her own clothing line, Shop Jaunty. Maxxine introduced herself and her faction on SmackDown, aiming to bring style, glamour, and charisma to the show.

Maxxine Dupri is considered one of the most intriguing additions to the SmackDown roster, with great potential to become a star and elevate the careers of her faction members.

Additionally, Dupri serves as the manager for Alpha Academy, a tag team consisting of Chad Gable and Otis, in the Raw brand.

With her diverse background in cheerleading, modeling, fashion design, and professional wrestling management, Maxxine Dupri is a formidable force in the WWE.

Dupri has already impacted SmackDown and Raw, showcasing not only her beauty and fashion sense but also her cunning and ruthless managerial skills.

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