Is Harry Garside Married, Or Is He Gay? Dating Timeline Age And Instagram

Harry Garside

An Australian boxer named Harry Garside participated in the men’s lightweight category in 2020. Find out about Is Harry Garside Married topic.

Harry received the bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics, which was the first time in over thirty years that an Australian boxer had achieved such a feat.

Garside won his initial Australian National Championship in 2015 and went on to win six more.

He also won a gold medal in the men’s 60-kg division at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

As of 2021, Garside had accumulated a total of seven Australian national boxing championship titles.

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Is Harry Garside Married, Or Is He Gay?

Netizens are eager to know about the young and popular boxer, Is Harry Garside Married topic.

There is no evidence of Harry being gay or married as of 2023, as he has not revealed any information about his preferences.

The Australian boxer posted photos of himself on his social media accounts wearing dresses that could be considered feminine, which has led to speculation about his sexual orientation.

During the 2020 Olympics, the stylish boxer chose to wear nail polish, indicating his desire to challenge gender stereotypes.

Is Harry Garside married
Gallen v Lusssick: Harry Garside plans to win over Aussie public (Source: CODE Sports)

When asked about the nail polish a few days ago, Garside responded by saying, ‘They’re fine, and you won’t lose your hands’.

“I just want to particularly emphasize to children that you don’t have to conform to traditional ideas of what it means to be male or female.” “You can be whatever you want to be.”

The presence of nail polish on his hands could be the reason why some people have assumed the athlete to be gay.

Those who first see Harry wearing it might jump to the conclusion that he is homosexual.

However, there is no relevant information about Is Harry Garside Married, but it is clear that he is single as of 2023, April, 10.

Harry Garside dating timeline and age

The Australian National Championship of 2015, Garside was born in 1997 and, as of the current year, was 26 years old.

The bronze medal winner in the 2020 Summer Olympics was in a relationship with Ash Ruscoe.

The couple had expressed their desire to establish their own boxing gym in a disadvantaged area with the goal of educating children on how to be good people.

Harry Garside
Harry Garside the ‘runt of the litter is ready to conquer the boxing world ahead of their pro debut (Source: Fox Sports)

Ash Ruscoe is also a wellness coach and qualified breathwork instructor, as per her Instagram account.

Ash is a strong supporter of women’s rights and hopes to educate young girls on the idea that they are equal to men and have the potential to compete at the same level.

However, Harry and Ash’s relationship didn’t go as planned, and as a result, they broke up in 2019.

Harry Garside  Instagram 

Harry has mentioned that producing boxers at a championship level is not his main concern.

Garside is more interested in fostering positive character traits in individuals.

Unlike other famous fighters, he has tons of fan followers on his Instagram account.

Harry Garside
‘It’s business now’: The brutal review that has Olympic medallist primed for Aussie boxing title (Source: Fox Sports)

The Australian boxer holds over 98,000 followers on his Instagram account, where he uploads his upcoming events and pictures of his workout routines.

Overall, the talented boxer and television personality has uploaded over 800 posts on his Instagram account.

Garside has also shared beautiful pictures of his beloved father and other family members.

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