Matthew Benting Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Motorcycle Accident

Matthew Benting Obituary

The Benting family released Matthew Benting obituary as they mourned the loss of their beloved family member.

Kenneth Matthew Benting, known as Matt, was a 20-year-old young man hailing from Pembroke, Massachusetts.

He tragically passed away on June 10, 2016, leaving behind a legacy of passion, athleticism, and a bright future ahead.

Benting was a beloved member of his community, deeply involved in sports, particularly hockey, and had a keen interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

His untimely death left a void that would be felt not only by his family but by all who knew him.

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Matthew Benting Obituary

On a fateful morning in June 2016, Matthew Benting’s life was cut short, leaving his family, friends, and community in mourning.

He was surrounded by his loved ones at Brockton Hospital when he passed away.

The young man’s life was marked by his love for sports, particularly hockey, which he had been passionate about since childhood.

His involvement in various athletic programs in Pembroke, working as a baseball umpire, and his dedicated years at Pembroke High School showcased his commitment to sports.

The young man was not only a talented athlete but also a leader. In his senior year, he captained the hockey team, demonstrating his strong leadership skills.

Even after graduating, he continued to support his alma mater through participation in the annual hockey alumni event, where he served as a mentor to younger hockey enthusiasts.

His mother, Laura, was also actively involved in supporting his love for hockey.

Besides his sports achievements, he was a dedicated student.

The 20-year-old pursued a degree in criminal justice at Bridgewater State University with the dream of becoming a law enforcement officer.

Matthew Benting Obituary
Matthew Benting sadly passed away in 2016 due to an underlying heart condition. (Source: Facebook)

His academic excellence earned him a place on the dean’s list, and he had the opportunity to intern at the Norwell Police Department.

Benting’s commitment extended to the hockey rink, as he was a member of the BSU hockey team and played in various men’s hockey leagues.

He had a zest for life beyond sports. He was an outdoorsman who enjoyed boating, fishing, and skiing.

The Benting family’s lake house in New Hampshire was a cherished vacation spot for him. He also contributed to the community as a lifeguard at the Duxbury Recreation Department.

His talents extended to music, as he loved to sing, dance, and play the drums.

Matthew was a social butterfly, known for being the life of the party and cherished by his friends and family.

Matthew Benting’s death was linked to a motorcycle accident.

Matthew Benting’s untimely death left the community in a state of grief and uncertainty.

Speculation about the cause of his passing circulated, with some considering the possibility of a motorcycle accident, prompting a collective search for answers.

However, it was later revealed that his death was not due to a motorcycle accident, as some had speculated.

Instead, it was attributed to complications arising from an underlying heart condition.

This revelation underscored the unpredictability of life and emphasized the importance of medical awareness.

Tragically, the Benting family was struck by yet another devastating event when 23-year-old Joe Benting went missing after leaving a local bar in Easton.

His mother, Laura Sheehan Benting, turned to social media to make an emotional plea for information about Joe’s whereabouts.

Joe’s last known moments involved leaving the bar on his white street bike, wearing a distinctive hoodie and helmet cover.

Despite determined efforts to locate him, Joe ultimately succumbed to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

This heartbreaking news compounded the grief already felt by the community due to the loss of the 20-year-old.

In response, the community came together in unity and unwavering support for the Benting family, who now had to endure the profound loss of both Matthew and Joe.

This tragic sequence of events serves as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and underscores the critical role of community solidarity in providing comfort and strength during times of profound grief.

Matthew Benting Family Mourning

Matthew’s passing brought immense grief to his family, who had cherished him as a son, brother, and grandson.

He is survived by his parents, Laura and Kenneth Benting, and his three brothers, James, Robert, and William.

His grandparents, Linda and Robert Benting, and Judith and James Sheehan, also mourned his loss.

Additionally, Benting was a godfather to Trevyn and had a niece named Nevaeh. His extended family and numerous friends also shared in the sorrow.

Matthew Benting obituary
Matthew Benting is pictured with his mother, Laura (Sheehan). (Source: Vim Buzz)

The community came together to pay their respects to Benting during visiting hours held at the Shepherd Funeral Home in Pembroke.

These hours provided an opportunity for friends and well-wishers to express their condolences and offer support to the grieving family.

The funeral mass was held at St. Theclas Church in Pembroke, where friends and family gathered to bid farewell to him.

Finally, internment took place at the Washington St. Cemetery in Norwell, where Matthew was laid to rest.

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