Matilda Green Baby Milo and Autumn – Her Husband Age and Wikipedia Bio

Matilda Green Baby

Matilda Green baby Milo and Autumn have become the center of the Universe for the Green couple. The Bachelor NZ winner often flaunts her babies on her social media.

Matilda Green is a social medial influencer from New Zealand with a huge fan following among young adults. She is one of the emerging fitness icons in New Zealand.

Matilda wanted to be in the corporate world before going to The Bachelor NZ. But the show swung her life around for good and now she is in the middle of New Zealand’s fitness and fashion scenario.

Matilda has managed to keep herself in shape even after giving birth to two wonderful children: Milo and Autumn. She often posts pictures and shares different stories of cute moments with her babies.

Matilda Green Baby Milo and Autumn

Babies can be hard to handle, but Matilda has handled both of her children like a pro. Her son Milo was born on 4th September 2019 at home.

It took the Green couple three days to come up with the name Milo, and it became one of the most popular boy names in 2019. The popularity surge was because of the enormous influence of Matilda in New Zealand.

These popularity surges in baby names are quite common as these names are directly related to famous and influential people.

Even after the massive popularity of her son’s name, Matilda wasn’t bothered a bit. She had already thought of another baby name if she ever had one again, and she did.

Her baby daughter Autumn was born on 20 June 2021 at home, the same as Milo. The couple got a mixed reaction after the home birth of both of her children.

Matilda took to social media to address the concerns and comments of her followers and thanked everyone for their support.

For an average woman, pregnancy often means a full stop on their career, and meaningful life but not for her. After becoming a mother, Matilda started a podcast where she talks about her pregnancy experiences and provides tips for other women.

Matilda Green Husband Art Green

Matilda Green seems very happy with the direction of her love life. Matilda met Art Green on the first season of New Zealand’s edition of  The Bachelor, which Matilda won in 2015.

After the TV debut, Art has built his social media presence in NZ’s fitness world and has become one of the leading fitness and health ambassadors.

Except for his social media influence, Art has two small businesses: Clean Paleo and Plate Up. They work to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Despite all the ups and downs during the show, the couples ended up together. They were seen together many times in public, even displaying romantic gestures.

A few months later, they opened a joint Facebook page together. In the description, they write, “This is the official page for Art Green and Matilda Rice. Follow us for some laughs and general coup”.

Matilda Green Husband
Matilda Green with her Husband Art Green (Source: Instagram)

Nearly three years after meeting on the sets of The Bachelor, Art proposed to Matilda in Rarotonga in 2017. The couple was already living together and was planning for their future together.

Art and Matilda tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony on February 15, 2019. It was later revealed that Matilda was already three months pregnant at the wedding, with baby Milo.

Matilda Green’s baby Milo and Autumn have strengthened the couple’s bond. The couple is also the only one from the show to be together.

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Matilda Green: Wikipedia Bio & Age

Matilda Green, formerly Rice, was born on October 22, 1990. The 32-year-old’s sweet and wholesome personality made her people’s favorite when she entered The Bachelor season 1.

After that, she dedicated her life to fitness and has been helping young mother to deal with motherhood.

She is European-Australian by ethnicity and a Christian. She lived in Auckland most of her life, but she moved to Warkworth around three years ago. Ever since moving to the town, she can’t imagine her life elsewhere, and she enjoys the warm community lifestyle.

Matilda Green
Matilda Green with her son on a beach to walk her dog (Source: Instagram )

Matilda wrote her first book back in 2017, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living Beautiful Life. It’s a book about a healthy lifestyle. she later followed up with her new book, The Feel Good Guide. The main theme of her latest book is to be happy and self-contained.

Matilda is a family woman who loves being a mum and enjoys every second of her life. Her son Milo and Autumn are the apple of her eye. Her social media reflects her life and goals as a woman, inspiring other women to feel confident about themselves.

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