Matet de Leon Husband Mickey Estrada Age Gap And Family

Matet De leon Husband

Matet de Leon husband Mickey Estrada is a hardworking and diligent man who prioritizes family. The couple have been together for over decades and share four children.

Matet De Leon real name is Maria Theresa Villamayor Estrada. She is a Filipino actress who started acting when she was three.

Matet became known for her roles as the best friend in various movies and dramas. In some of her notable roles, She played characters like Jean in ” Till There Was You” in 2003.

The actress also portrayed Gemma in “Till My Heartaches End” in 2010. Her character gained a huge attention from the audience.

Matet comes from a showbiz family. Both her mother and father are the greatest actors and actresses of the Philippines.

Matet’s career has been successful. Moreover, she is known as the “Best Friend ng Bayan” for her significant roles in various movies and dramas.

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Who Is Matet de Leon Husband?

Matet De Leon and her husband Mickey Estrada met at a bar in Tomas Morato in 2003.

Matet immediately liked Mr. Mickey Estrada and did not hesitate to ask for his phone number through a mutual friend. Their Lovestory moved quickly.

Matet De Leon Husband
Matet De Leon’s husband is Mickey Estrada who is also an actor. (Source: Instagram)

The couple met on Friday, had a date on Saturday, and officially became one on Monday. Their love story looks like it came straight out of a Novel.

Furthermore, Matet de Leon’s Husband proposed to her just after meeting. The duo got hitched in a civil ceremony on February 24, 2004.

They followed it up with a church wedding the next month. Matet de Leon’s husband Mickey is Known for his involvement in basketball.

Matet Lover has also worked as a chef. The lovebirds have three daughters. They are Mishka, Mikaela and Mia.

In a guest appearance on “Magandang Buhay,” the couple shared that their love story began with love at first sight. They used to have lots of text messages exchanged between them.

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Age Gap Between Matet De Leon And Her Husband 

Matet De Leon was born in 1984 which makes her currently at the age of 38. Similarly, Matet De Leon’s husband must be around her age.

It looks like the age gap between the couple is not more than a year or two. The two have been together for 20 years.

Matet Le Deon and her partner, Mickey, have been in various TV shows. The duo always share their love story and challenges openly in media.

Matet De Leon Husband
Matet De Leon and her husband have been together for 20 years. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Matet can be seen in the return of “The Legal Wife”. She played the role of Rowena the best friend of Maja Salvador’s character.

Matet and Mickey are active on their social media. They also share funny TikTok videos on their respective social media.

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Matet De Leon Family

Matet De Leon’s family includes her husband and Four children. Her children are Mishka Estrada, Juan Miguel, Gerald Estrada, Michaela Estrada, and Mia Estrada.

Matet’s three daughters lead a private life despite their prominence. Matet often talks about them in interviews and on Instagram.

Also, She has shared on Magandang Buhay that her daughters are becoming multitalented and polite.

She is grateful for their obedience and responsibility which she and Mickey Estrada are proud of.

Matet De Leon Husband
Matet De Leon and her husband is the parents of three daughters. (Source: Instagram)

The superstar, Matet also mentioned that her daughters listen when she disciplines them. Furthermore, They maintain open communication.

This closeness fosters a strong mother-daughter bond. Matet frequently shares photos of their quality family time including watching sports, swimming, dining out, and traveling.

Matet’s Instagram posts show her daughter’s talents. Her daughter Michaela is inclined towards music and singing.

Her other daughter, Mishka is passionate about volleyball and Her youngest daughter Mia is still young and has a playful moment with her family.

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