Mason Bradford Arrested: Mugshot Arrest Charges And Trial

Mason Bradford Arrested

The video “Mason Bradford Arrested” trended online, featuring YouTubers Sam Pepper and Ice Poseidon discussing the situation with an Australian police officer.


Mason Bradford, better known in the digital realm as Zuckles, is a popular Australian YouTuber whose birthdate graced the world on August 21, 1999.

He has become a prominent figure in the YouTube gaming community, garnering a substantial following for his captivating Let’s Plays and playthroughs of various survival games, with titles like Rust and Fortnite featuring prominently in his content.

Notably, Zuckles is a proud member of the Misfits, a renowned collective that boasts other prominent creators like Fitz, SwaggerSouls, McCreamy, Toby on the Tele, and INoToRiOuS among its ranks.

His YouTube journey commenced on December 16, 2014, and since then, he has cultivated a dedicated fanbase, amassing over 1.25 million subscribers.

However, the narrative takes an intriguing turn, with rumors swirling about his alleged arrest.

Mason Bradford Arrested

The digital age’s rapid information dissemination, courtesy of social media, has thrust the recent arrest of renowned YouTuber Zuckles into the spotlight, leaving his fanbase both interested and deeply concerned.

According to reports, Mason Bradford, known as Zuckles, was in police custody, sparking a flurry of online discussions and speculations.

Mason Bradford Arrested
Ice Poseidon and Sam Pepper speaking to Police regarding Mason Bradford’s arrest. (Source: YouTube)

During the video, real names and birthdates were disclosed, shedding some light on the circumstances surrounding Zuckles’ arrest.

The officer cryptically alluded to Zuckles’ involvement in some “silly things” that led to his apprehension.

The conversation also touched upon Zuckles’ girlfriend, with Sam indicating she knew the situation.

Sam and Ice displayed a readiness to assist Zuckles.

Still, the police asserted that Mason Bradford, also known as “Zuckles,” would spend the night in custody, with a court appearance scheduled for the following day.

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Mason Bradford Mugshot Arrest Charges

The arrest of Zuckles, the prominent YouTuber and member of the Misfits, has left his fans and friends deeply concerned as they await updates on his situation.

The police officer, in an interview with YouTubers Sam and Ice Poseidon, provided some insight into the arrest, describing it as stemming from what he referred to as “silly things.”

Mason Bradford Arrested
Zuckles did some serious offense, which led to his arrest. (Source: YouTube)

Zuckles spent one night in custody, and his appearance in court was scheduled for the following day.

However, the officer noted that the outcome was uncertain, as it would be at the magistrate’s discretion to decide whether Zuckles would be released.

Despite the natural worry surrounding Zuckles’ well-being, the officer emphasized that the arrest was related to a serious offense.

Concerned friends and supporters were left uncertain about Zuckles’ status, with the officer advising they could contact him after the court case concluded.

Mason Bradford Trial

Zuckles’ departure from a group at the age of 20 or 21 initiated a period of intrigue and uncertainty.

In the year 01, the group embarked on a mission to locate their missing comrade, leading them to a local police station where they received surprising news – Zuckles was in police custody.

The circumstances surrounding his arrest were shrouded in mystery, with the police taking him into custody around 00:30.

The nature of the alleged wrongdoing that led to his arrest remained undisclosed, as the police adhered to legal protocol and refrained from revealing any details regarding the charges.

This uncertain situation left the group and the public with more questions than answers.

The hope was that clarity would emerge after the court proceedings scheduled for the next day, potentially shedding light on the circumstances that resulted in Zuckles’ incarceration.

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