Jakob Greer Girlfriend Niki Kozielec, Dating Timeline And Age

Jakob Greer

Jakob Greer Girlfriend is the most searched term on the internet. Fans are curious to know more about this famous TikTok star’s life and find out more about his relationship.

Jakob Greer is a renowned Canadian comedy content creator and social media influencer. He is widely recognized for his entertaining short-form videos that he shares on his popular TikTok account, greerzy.

With a growing following, he has captivated audiences with his unique brand of humor, earning him a loyal fan base.

In addition to his TikTok success, he manages a YouTube channel under the name Greerzy, boasting an impressive subscriber count of 67.3k.

One of the creator’s strengths is his ability to collaborate and connect with fellow TikTok stars. He has worked alongside notable personalities such as Heyitsmaggieuh, Ryan Wauters, and Jake Bensulock.

He frequently posts pictures of high-end cars on his Instagram account.

Jakob Greer Girlfriend Niki Kozielec

Jakob, a well-known TikTok star, has recently entered into a relationship with Niki Kozielec, another prominent figure in the TikTok community.

Niki has gained immense popularity through her TikTok channel, blaz3ddd, which boasts an impressive following.

With over 2.8 million likes, she lip-syncs and dance performances to the latest TikTok trends and hip-hop music have captivated a large audience.

Niki embarked on her TikTok journey in 2019, showcasing her talent and creativity to the world. Hailing from Canada, she has attracted attention with engaging content and a relatable persona.

Jakob Greer Girlfriend
Jakob Greer girlfriend is Niki kozielec (Source: Instagram)

In early 2022, Niki’s life took an exciting turn when she started dating Jakob, a fellow TikTok sensation. The couple’s relationship is clear daily and shows up in their work together on TikTok.

The couple creates entertaining and engaging TikTok videos showcasing their chemistry and shared interests. Their joint content resonates with their followers, eagerly anticipate their latest uploads.

Their social media account has become a platform to celebrate their bond, showcasing their love and affection through their captivating performances.

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Jakob Greer Dating Timeline 

Greer, a renowned content creator, has kept his previous relationship details tightly under wraps, leaving the public curious about his romantic history.

Whether he has had any past romantic involvements with other girls remains unknown.

Even though he is well-known on social media, he has decided not to share much about his personal life, including his past relationships.

Social media personality Jakob is popular on tiktok. (Source: Instagram)

This choice adds to the mystery and rumors about his love life, as fans and followers are keen to learn more about his past relationships.

Nevertheless, it has been revealed that he is in a loving relationship with Niki Kozielec.

Although he prefers to keep their relationship relatively low-key, their shared happiness and apparent contentment together cannot be denied.

Jakob Greer Age

Greer, a Canadian content creator, was born on February 25, 2001, making him 22 years old as of 2023.

He is from Canada and has built up a big fan base on the social media site TikTok, where he shares entertaining content with the rest of the world. Within his TikTok account, he has featured his sister Jordyn, adding a familial touch to his videos.

Interestingly, his father, Derek Greer, also joins the TikTok fun, boasting an account under the handle “greerzby” with an impressive following of 210.6k and over 1.7 million views.

Greerzy is a comedy content creator and a Youtuber. (Source: Instagram)

Derek’s uploads primarily revolve around pets, travel, life hacks, and humorous videos. The bond between dad and son is strong, often evident in the joint videos they create and share on TikTok.

While Jakob enjoys his online presence, he values his privacy regarding his personal life.

However, his comedic talent and engaging content have propelled him to stardom, amassing an impressive fanbase of over 4.4 million followers and an amazing 229.1 million total views on TikTok.

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