Meet Marques Houston Sister Brandye And Danielle, Siblings Parents And Ethnicity

Marques Houston sisters and siblings

Music lovers might know Marques Houston. Young followers who listen to his songs are eager to know more about Marques Houston Sister. 

The American R&B singer’s career is a motivating tale as he awakens his fans with his unwavering commitment and success.

Houston became a big name in the music industry, being a part of the R&B duo Immature/IMx from 1990 to 2002. 

Marques Barrett Houston, shortly Marques Houston, went solo in 2003. He gained fame as an R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer.

Besides his fame through music, he has established his name outside the arena, being a professional model and Actor. He has added multiple film and series projects to his portfolio.

The artist portrayed the role of Roger Evans in the television sitcom Sister, Sister. The series showcased his acting skill gaining praise from fans and critics alike.

Houston always dreamt of being famous. So, he established the band Immature as a child with his boyhood friends Jerome “Romeo” Jones and Don “Half Pint” Santos.

The boy band boosted their fame and brought them to the spotlight. Eventually, his followers increased, and more people recognized Houston for his dynamic stage presence. 

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Meet Marques Houston Sister Brandye And Danielle

Marques Houston has two sisters, Brandye and Danielle Houston, and a brother Brandon Houston. His brother Brandon is junior to him.

Marques’s parents, Michael Houston and Carolyn Houston raised their four kids in California. He has a good relationship with his siblings.

He, his two sisters, and a brother grew up in their Los Angeles home. His two sisters completed their schooling at Montebello High School.

Moreover, Marques has a cousin, B2k’s J-Boog. Unfortunately, there is limited information regarding Marques’s sisters and brother. Their professional career is a mystery.

But, the Houston siblings came together to mourn the death of their mother, Carolyn.

Marques Houston Parents
Marques Houston with his mother during his first prom in preschool. (Source: Pinterest)

Brandye and Danielle’s mother passed away in 1997 after a long battle with Lymphoma.

Netizens on the web often debate whether Marques is related to Omarion. People are confused if Omarion is his half-brother.

The confusion began due to Chris Stokes managing Omarion’s and IMx’s musical group B2K. The rumors further increased as Marques is the cousin of J-Boog from B2K.

However, the reality is drawn from the truth as Houston and Omarion are not siblings. No verified sources have asserted that the two are blood-related.

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Marques Houston Parents And Ethnicity

American R&B singer Marques Houston was born to Carolyn and Michael Houston. Originally, he inherited African and Mexican roots.

Marques, with his parents and siblings, spent their childhood days in the country. His parents raised their kids in Los Angeles, California, seeking better opportunities.

His mother, Carolyn, and Father, Michael, always supported his singing and dancing passion. They helped their son grow in the music industry and supported him in difficult times.

Unfortunately, his mother’s untimely demise shook the singer as Carolyn lost the battle with Lymphoma in 1997. He recalls that his mother’s passing away was a setback to the Houston family.

After his mom’s loss, Marques continued his career, thinking his mother wanted the same thing. He overcame the challenges and established himself in several other fields, including modeling and acting.

Also, he gained the public’s attention as he uploaded a mesmerizing picture with his Father, Michael. In the picture, his Father escorts him down the aisle during his wedding ceremony. Marques tied the knot with the stunning Miya Dickey.

Marques Houston Parents And Ethnicity
Marques Houston is close to his Father, Michael Houston. (Source: AmoMama)

The singer acknowledged this in his caption, writing: “Many might find it unusual and unconventional for my Father to guide me down the aisle, but those who know him well understand that he enjoyed standing out from the crowd.”

Expressing his gratitude to his dad, Marques said that his Father raised, supported, and stood with him in all his setbacks and accomplishments. The touching moment of him in a white tux, and his Father sporting a magnificent gray beard, wowed his followers to their very core.

Moreover, the artist never forgets his mom, as he shared a throwback snap on Instagram to remember his first prom when his late mother prepared him in preschool.

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