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Maria Kovacic

People are searching for Maria Kovacic wikipedia page. She is a prominent Australian politician and has significantly contributed to the country’s political landscape.

As President of the New South Wales Liberal Party, she has displayed outstanding leadership skills and a strong commitment to public service.

At the federal election 2022, she was the Liberal Party’s candidate for the Labor seat of Parramatta, held by MP Julie Owens, who was leaving office.

In addition to her political career, Kovacic boasts an impressive professional background.

With over twenty years of experience spanning the commercial, public, and not-for-profit sectors, she has held various roles, including Managing Director, Small Business Owner, Founder, and Board Chairperson.

This diverse experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of different industries and the ability to navigate complex challenges.

Moreover, Kovacic’s exceptional communication skills have allowed her to connect with a broad range of individuals, from local community members to C-suite executives and Board Members.

Her engaging speaking style and ability to build strong relationships have made her an influential figure in political and business circles.

Maria kovacic Wikipedia Bio age

Maria Kovacic, a prominent figure in Australian politics, has not revealed her birthdate, as this information has not been made public.

However, her appearance suggests that she falls within the age range of her 40s or 50s. Kovacic’s political journey has been characterized by determination and success.

She quit her official party job to run for a place in the NSW Senate. Her closest opponent was a former NSW cabinet minister named Andrew Constance, but she beat him. Kovacic is a strong woman and a good choice to replace the late Major General Jim Molan.

Maria kovacic Wikipedia
Maria kovacic wikipedia: Maria, former president of the New South Wales Liberal Party, will fill Jim Molan’s Senate seat, who died of prostate cancer in January. (Source: SMH)

Many believe she is a fitting successor to the esteemed Major General Jim Molan, who passed away.

Beyond her political endeavors, she has actively engaged in community-building initiatives. She co-founded Western Sydney Women and Western Sydney Executive Women, organizations dedicated to empowering women in the region.

Additionally, she served on the Parramatta Eels’ NRLW Advisory Committee and the steering committee for Women@Eels.

She successfully ran a mortgage and finance business for an impressive period of 16 years.
During the most recent federal election, she ran for the seat in the lower house in Parramatta, but the Labor candidate, Andrew Charlton, won.

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Maria kovacic Heritage 

Maria, the former president of the NSW party, hails from Croatian descent, as her parents migrated to Australia from Yugoslavia to escape the clutches of communism.

Her parents taught her the value of standing up for what one believes in and working to build a society that is more welcoming and inclusive of all people.

Maria is happily married to Glenn, and together they have raised their children into adulthood. They both actively contribute to the Franchise Council of Australia, serving on its board.

 Maria Kovacic
Former NSW Liberal president Kovacic won the vote on Saturday. (Source: SMH)

Being the daughter of migrants, she possesses a profound understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations of the immigrant community.

She recognizes her parents’ sacrifices to pursue a better life in Australia and treasures the values they imparted to her, which have guided her through various endeavors.

Maria’s background fuels her passion for promoting inclusivity, opportunity, and progress for all individuals, irrespective of their origins.

Maria kovacic Net Worth

Kovacic’s net worth is unknown, but she has made much money through her work and business ventures.

She has ventured into various fields and held diverse positions throughout her career.

As a co-founder and managing director of Western Sydney Women, Maria was crucial in starting the first and only group that advocates for women in Sydney, including the Inner West, Greater West, North West, and South West.

Maria is a Co-Founder & Managing Director of Western Sydney Women (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, she served as the managing partner in Western Sydney Advisory for over three years, undoubtedly contributing to its success.

With a tenure spanning 16 years, Maria gained extensive experience and expertise in her roles as a Mortgage, Commercial, and Asset Finance Professional and a member of the Franchise Advisory Council at ANZ Bank.

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