Who Is Loli Imperial-Gumabao, Marco Gumabao Mother? Father Dennis Roldan And Siblings

Marco Gumabao Mother

Marco Gumabao mother, Loli Imperial Gumabao is a renowned personality. She won the title of Miss Bulacan in 1999.

Marco Gumabao is a Filipino actor, model, athlete, and entrepreneur. He is prominently known as the face and physique of the Philippines BENCH/Body brand.

Moreover, the model has been featured in the summer campaigns of the brands since 2027. Initially, he made an appearance in Toda Max (2012).

Also, he gained popularity through TV series. He has acted in the TV series “Luv U,” which brought him lots of attention from the fans.

Gumabao has also taken supportive roles in various films. He has appeared in films like “She’s Dating the Gangster”, “Just The Way You Are,” and others.

Following his debut in a major lead role in “Para Sa Broken Hearted,” Marco continued to shine in the hit TV series.

Recently in 2019, Marco appeared in a romance drama, “Just a Stranger”. He played the role of Jericho which was a fan favorite.

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Who Is Marco Gumabao Mother Loli Imperial-Gumabao?

Marco Gumabao’s mother, Loli Imperial-Gumabao is the former Miss Bulacan of 1999. His mom’s career began in beauty pageantry and modeling.

Moreover, Marco Gumbao’s mother represented her province in the Miss Philippines Earth Pageant in 2000.

His lovely mom has hosted the variety show called” Magandang Tanghali Bayan.”

Beyond acting as a career and managing her family, she actively advocates for the environment.

Marco Gumbao Mother
Marco Gumbao’s mother is an entrepreneur who owns a restaurant. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Marco Gumabao’s mother is an entrepreneur. She currently owns a restaurant in Bulacan and is also involved in real estate.

Marco shares a special bond with his mother. Back in 2022, Marco shared a heartwarming birthday tribute to his mother on social media with a touch of Humor.

In the touching post, Marco expressed his love in a playful manner that caught the attention of netizens.

Marco playfully assured everyone that there were no plans to send his mom to a retirement home. He emphasized taking care of her forever.

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Meet Marco Gumabao Father Denise Roldan

Marco Gumabao’s father is a former basketball player and actor. His dad began his career on the basketball court before transitioning into the world of entertainment.

Moreover, Marco’s father briefly joined the Philippine Basketball Association Ginebra team. He has appeared in films like “Kamba Sa Uma” and “Salome”.

Mr. Denis Roldan’s standout performance in “Hot Property” earned him the best-supporting Actor award in 1983.

Marco Gumaba Mother
Marco Gumabao’s father is an actor and politician. (Source: Twitter)

Marco’s dad has also been involved in politics. He has served as a Quezon city Councilor and later as a congressman.

His father is of Chinese and Spanish descent.

Later, Mr. Denise became pastor at the Jesus Christ the Life Giver Ministry in Quezon City. However, he was convicted of kidnapping resulting in a life sentence.

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Marco Gumabao Siblings

The Gumabao siblings consist of Marco, Mitchelle, Katrina, and Paolo. These siblings are a remarkable group of celebrities in the Philippines.

Marco Gumabao Mother
Marco Gumabao’s siblings are amazing celebrities in the Philippines. (Source: Pinterest)

Their diverse range of talents and the strong bond they share as a family make them even more fascinating.

Marco Gumabao is an accomplished actor and model. He has captivated the audience with his acting talents and striking looks.

Michelle Gumabao, Marco’s sister is a skilled volleyball athlete. His sister has also earned the recognition in Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

Katrina Gumabao, Marco’s next sister is a proud plus-size model. She has walked on prestigious fashion runways and has mastered the art of Makeup.

Paolo Gumabao, Marco’s half-brother follows the footsteps of Marco. His brother is a talented actor making a name for himself in the industry.

Despite their varied interest and career paths, the Gumabao siblings maintain close and supportive relationships.

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